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Not sure how a yoga retreat can benefit you? Read here to see why you should go on a yoga retreat

Did you know that EFT can help heal a myriad of disorders, both physically and psychologically?

If you're not keen on getting the flu jab, read here for some alternatives this winter season to avoid the jab.

Did you know that hypnotherapy can help you reach your fitness goals?

According to research, fit kids do better academically- here's why you should encourage your child to participate in sport

Do you want to gain maximum muscle through weight training? Here's how you can reach your goal.

Did you know that your diet has an effect on your chances of conception? Read this article for a nutritional approach to fertility.

Are you trying to gain maximum muscle strength? Here are the right foods to eat for strength.

Not sure what role fiber plays in the health of your body? Read here to find out.

By discovering your soul, you can greatly improve yourself. Here are some steps to guide you.

Thought walking only assists in weight loss and fitness? Here's many more benefits of natural walking.

Art is more than just a creative process- it can reveal a lot about yourself that you need to know.

Not keen on using chemical beauty products? Here is a recipe to make your own herbal toner.

Here is a variety of home remedies to assist in staying naturally beautiful- they're easy and inexpensive.

Ever wondered why they call it "beauty sleep"? Here's how getting a good night's sleep can make you look & feel good.

Animal Love              Environmental Care               Garden & Home

Are you fond of animals? You might like these heroic stories of animals- it's sure to make you appreciate them!

If you are thinking of taking up gardening as a beginner, here are some key points to consider.

Are you allergic to cats, but want to keep your furry friend? Here's how you can live happily together.

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Zendo Massage Tables , guranteed stability

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Energy System that heals body, heart and mind…

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Indrani Moodley Reki Master. Energy Healing, relax and reduce stress…

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