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Voxbone's 'The Workshop' Helps App Developers Test VoIP Tools

By - Source: Voxbone

Voxbone has announced the availability of The Workshop, a cloud service that allows developers to test the company's VoIP services instantly at no cost. Developers can quickly set up virtualized communications components without having to invest in hardware and software. Voxbone provides an easy to use web interface where customers can enroll and create services in minutes.

The first component available through The Workshop is Voxbone Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) Click2Vox widget. Users can build a click-to-call button using the Click2Vox interface that can quickly connect a web page to any Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) address. Web based calling on supported browsers can provide seamless customer interaction without requiring a plug-in.  

The company notes that current versions of Chrome and Firefox are supported on OS X, Android, Linux and Windows. Optional support for Safari and Internet Explorer is planned, which will require a plug-in. Developers can use the provided CSS style sheet or can optionally customize the button's appearance by applying their own CSS code.

"With more than a decade of operating a global network, a legacy of powering many of the VoIP industry's leaders, and a massive install base of hundreds of customers, Voxbone is in a very unique position to expand its service offering," said Chad Hart, Head of Strategic Products in charge of The Workshop at Voxbone. "With so many opportunities, the challenge we had was figuring out where to start. Rather than guess, The Workshop is a place where we can bring new services to market quickly as we work closely with customers to evolve them to address real market needs."

In addition to WebRTC services Voxbone is planning future additions to The Workshop including Voxbone Offload APIs, which will  help customers offload communication infrastructure via access to a new Communications platform as a service (CPaaS) offering based on Voxbone's network.

Voxbone is also planning to open its internal cloud infrastructure to software development and telephony customers, offering the benefits of bringing Voxbone's VoIP optimized network close to the source of inbound traffic.

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