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Desiree Campher
Herba Farmacy-Natural Healing

What a pleasure to work with such a professional team that problems solves on the run. We are so excited to part of you team.

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Body and Mind’s Interviewer

We will be interviewing wonderful healers and practitioners from all around South Africa.

If you are one of these amazing healers and would be interested in being interviewed please
contact us.


Heather de Wit

From Hout Bay

Heather is a creative, energetic and wonderful human being who brings out the best in people. She adds her flair to each interview as she chats to people as if they were her old friends that are catching up on the couch in her living room.


Debbie Howes from Johannesburg heals with fire !

Also known as the Dancing Psychologist, Debbie incorporates her gift of dance into her healing with fire and she shares her uniqueness of how she incorporates the ancient wisdom of children's stories in her hypnotherapeutic technique, using the story of  ' Little Riding Hood'

Our interview with this very special lady!

Diana was recently in South Africa to host a series of Workshops and Breakfasts in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.


Interviews Follow us on our podcast feed.


Shares her journey to wellness and her dream to pay it forward !

She takes us through the modalities that she uses in her healing and coaching practice, including Reiki, Therapeutic Reflexology and Wellness Coaching using HNLP.

Through her wellness workshops, she has worked with hundreds of men of women of all ages and walks of life for over 10 years.

Joanne Moss - a true survivor

She shares the modalities she practices-

In this interview, Samantha shares the intricacies of her work, from massages and inspirations, to Life Coaching and teaching. This lady of many talents even works with the esteemed Access Consciousness technique and regression therapy. Listen to this inspiring lady tell us about her many gifts.

Samantha Lewis wears many hats!


Wayne Farrell - NLP Coach

"Our mission is to be the best training provider we can be by the results our students achieve" says Wayne Farrell from Coaching NLP. Wayne works between the UK and South Africa and shares all his many NLP training techniques, which he utilizes successfully within his own coaching practice.


Sarita Mathur - Reiki Master and Author

Sarita Mathur shares her victory in overcoming a health issue, which propelled her to do this work with love.  

She shares her acronym 'M.O.N.E.Y" and talks us through her published book, which is written in prose and  poetry. She tells us about her selection of CD's and her upcoming Poetry Workshops.



John Smith - Addiction Recovery Specialist

John shares his unconventional methodologies by using the coaching approach. His intervention processes and how he manifests a shift towards a lifestyle of recovery are the basis of the work he does.


In this interview, Samantha explains how Art Therapy can be used for healing and self discovery. Sam is an Internationally trained Art Psychotherapist living in the Western Cape.

Art Therapy is an intriguing topic, but there is no formal training Art Therapy Training in South Africa at the Moment. This fun 10-minute discussion is jam packed with info for your perusal. Listen and enjoy!

Samantha Davies - Art Psychotherapist

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