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Desiree Campher
Herba Farmacy-Natural Healing

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Animals - Do they have a soul?

When somebody says @my dog/cat is my child", you will get two types of responses: sniggers and ridicule, or total agreement. You get animal people and people who just don't like animals. Non animal lovers are by no means bad people, provided they never cause harm to any animal whatsoever. Those people, who do, in fact, see their animals, and animals as children, kindred spirits and even angels will no doubt argue that animals have souls. And why shouldn't they? If we as human beings give ourselves the rights to claim our souls as a part of our identities, why shouldn't animals be given the same identity? They are also living beings. Studies have proven that animals feel emotion, sadness, anger and above all, love. We have heard true stories of dogs dying from heartbreak after their owner dies. Lost pets travelling miles and miles to be reunited with their grieving families.  If you are an animal lover, you will have felt the way in which your pet senses your sadness, and attempts to provide comfort.

In the wild, even, mothers grieve the loss of their babies. They will cling onto their lost child’s body until they eventually have to let go. Animals are used in therapy, in cases of children who are sick, have disabilities, or even the aged.  A recent article I came across, told the story of an elephant who had been abused and kept in chains for most of its life. When rescuers finally saved it, the elephant actually cried. You can see the story here.

So if animals are able to feel all the same emotions, the same fears, the same grief as us, what makes them different? Their inability to communicate these emotions through language. And that is not enough reason to deduce that they do not, just as human beings do, have a soul.

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If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.
- James Herriot