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Environmental care for the sake of our children.

We’re all aware of global warming, increased pollution and various  other dangers that the environment is facing, , yet most of us tend to bury our heads in the sand, brush it off with there are more ‘important’ to deal with in our already stressful lives. While we may not be feeling the full impact of these environmental issues right now, we need to be mindful and realise that the effects could be devastating to our future generations.

While we are already feeling the consequences of the damage to the environment, those effects will be multiplied in years to come. Animals will become extinct, forests will be destroyed, the global temperature will rise dramatically and the air will be full of toxins. So, how do we play a part in minimising the damage that we are causing yet our children will have to face? There are several ways to help to preserve the environment, and many of them will hardly make a difference to our everyday lives. Here are just a few ways we can make a difference, and things we can teach our own children too.

1) Save energy.
a.) If you aren’t using it turn it off. This applies to televisions, computers and home appliances. You should also keep as many electrical appliances unplugged as possible.
b.) Switch to energy saving light bulbs.
c.) If you live in a sunny climate, ditch the clothes drier and use a good, old fashioned washing line.

2) Save water.
a.) Make sure that none of your water sources are leaking. Even the tiniest of leaks, could end up amounting to hundreds of litres of wasted water.
b.) Shower instead of bathing. Having a bath can use twice as much water as taking a shower.
c.) Don’t leave taps running. We often do this without thinking whilst brushing our teeth or washing dishes.

3) Recycle.
Recycling can make a huge difference in protecting our environment. Nowadays, recycling is easy, and there are various drop off points to take your used items to.

a.) Make recycling a habit in your household.
b.) Avoid using plastic shopping bags-buy a few reusable bags instead.
c.) If you have a baby, consider cloth nappies instead if disposables.

There are countless ways to conserve the environment, such as planting trees, carpooling and consuming less meat. None of these are difficult to do, yet will surely make a huge different to the future of our children and the environment they will live in.

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