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Modern anti-aging medicine recognises the value of the endocrine system in maintaining essential body functions. In conjunction with the endocrine system, the skin is there to protect our major organs, maintain the correct body temperature as well as assist with excretory functions. Both systems reflect internal disorders, as the skin on a metaphysical level is also a printout of what is happening internally. It is emotionally revealing, and also reveals an unbalanced endocrine system.

With age our hormonal functioning starts to decline. The most affected hormone is oestrogen. Combine this with low thyroid function and the skin becomes dry, wrinkly, itchy and often inflamed. On the on the other hand excess oestrogen can also be a problem, increasing redness and creating puffy skin.

A decline in human growth hormone (HGH) also plays a major factor in skin and physiological aging.

Not only does HGH promote healing in the body, but with diseases such as fibromyalgia and Chron’s disease, it can increase muscle mass, combat skin sagging, and also decrease facial wrinkles and greying hair.

With thyroid issues now being recognised as the hidden epidemic, and very few women knowing how to work with symptoms, we tend to endure the unease in our body. The skin becomes dry, flaky, inflamed and the face tends to be more puffy. Interesting how the eyebrows start to thin and hair loss becomes a major problem.

Although soy is known to assist with oestrogen depletion, it can also have a very negative effect on the thyroid. It is imperative for therapists to avoid the use of soy candle massages in the case of an oestrogen dominant client or a client who suffers from thyroid problems.

However plant stem cells (this includes the stem cells from soya) can play an important role in DNA repair, especially in UV damage, prevention and repair. Do take note that there is a significant difference in plant stem cells versus plant extracts or oils.

Oestrogen dominant types cannot be massaged with soya oil; however skin treatment with the stem cell of the soya can be beneficial.

A healthy body and skin requires a balanced endocrine system. As we age, hormonal decline can affect not only the skin but every other part of the body and its functionality.

Great care must be given to the protection of the endocrine system’s integrity. Avoid chemicals that can disrupt the endocrine and choose to use bio-identical ingredients that will support the skin and simultaneously work with the body to balance all systems. One may look at our skincare as a topically applied support system for the endocrine system.

Ingredients MUST be bio-identical to what the body knows. Rhythmic applications support the body in what it knows and works with the hormonal cycles. For instance, the skin renews itself every 28 days, and our menstrual cycle is every 28 days. It would make sense then to exfoliate and apply a masque three days before and three days after our periods started. This way we support the body in its cycle of renewal. A lovely time to top up with Vitamin C ester. Due to it being fat soluble it is safe for use on inflamed and renewing skin alike.Vitamin C ester helps stimulate the growth of fibroblasts, the cells that help produce collagen and elastin in human skin. Absorbed via the capillaries, it further strengthens the body’s white blood cells. It is needed in order to protect against invasion by bacteria and viruses.

Combine this with Alpha Lipoic Acid, and these two actives help each other to enhance and extend the activity of vitamin E and glutathione, giving skin cells extra protection. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles and furrows, and enhances the skin’s glow. Both actives are used in the Africology Anti-Oxidant serum.We continue to enhance the effectiveness of our Anti-Oxidant serum by adding bio-identical DMAE.There are instantly visible effects, creating a preventative hormone that improves the appearance of sagging skin. It continues to boost the effects of other antioxidants, creating an increase in smoothness, brightness and line reduction. DMAE increases the production of chemicals in the central nervous system that help us to think clearly. A daily supplement can increase cognitive function, and soothe overly stressed skin!

With clients who have low thyroid function, blood circulation is a huge problem. Especially visible around the eyes, a lack of blood flow can cause puffiness and dark circles. Clinical studies show that DMAE actually helps increase circulation and remarkable tone to the eye area and to the lips, creating a fuller, firmer appearance.

As we enter menopause we need to be even more selective of what goes on to our skin than the risks we took when we were 20. Avoid chemicals and detoxify your body. It is common sense to understand that we cannot keep on living under a chemical assault and expect to have an ageless skin.

There are safe bio-identical alternatives to parabens, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol and many other chemicals still used in cosmetics. They disrupt the endocrine system, and over time aging will become more apparent in our skin.

With the advancement of technology, we don’t need any convincing as to why these common chemicals are ok. If we have bio-identical ingredients available, although at a much higher price, why should we compromise our health and well-being? You ultimately have the choice to not only support actives and formulations that will support the immunity of your skin, but also the whole of your endocrine while using your skin care.

Please do note the difference between bio-identical versus nature-identical. Nature identical is copied in a lab, and needs all sorts of chemicals to contain the structure of the nature identical ingredient. Bio-identical is found in nature with a structure same as your biology. All Africology formulations are based on bio-identical ingredients with the avoidance of chemicals that can disrupt the endocrine system. This includes our preservative system.

It is our ethos that authentic skincare must support your biology, your being and all of who you are.

You are ageless, if you choose to invest in authentic bio-identical applications.

Author - Body and Mind

Published - 0000-00-00