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Intuitive Chirology by Jennifer Hirsch

The collective global body, both ancient and modern, of all facets of the knowledge and study of the forms and markings of the human hand, is called chirology. Our two hands reveal a great deal about our health, emotions, traits, needs and preferences, in the same way that diagnostic tools such as iridology and reflexology yield information about the person from the structure of their eyes and feet.

My training in the craft of palm reading began in 1991 when my teachers in England insisted that I begin with studying only the scientific ‘facts’ about hand analysis, that is, the actual clinical dissection of the structure of the hands. We learned how to identify the differences in their shapes, forms, skin textures, colours, markings, digit phalanges, lengths and bends, nails, fleshy mounts, lines and glyph (fingerprint) patterns. There exists a massive global, rapidly growing hand analysis research community. In hand reading terms, this scientific level is called ‘chiromorphology’.

My training then progressed to the how-to of actually interpreting the hands’ characteristics. I was taught the element system, which defines the unknown i.e. the hands, in terms of the known, the elements. Easily identifiable, proven scientific principles of earth, water, fire and air are correlated with the various areas of the hands. Another way of explaining this is that all the areas and the markers of the hands are ascribed a ‘ruling’ element. Earth is solid, supportive and reliable, so a person with earthy markings in their hands would have these traits. The element system of chirology not only describes the morphology (form and structure) of hands but offers a rich ‘language’, based upon the principles of the elements, of how to actually interpret the signs. We have a source, in ‘the language of the elements’, of vocabulary that enables us to explain to the bearer what the nuances of their hands reveal.

Contrary to popular belief, chirology is not predictive. While some palmistic hand readers might use the old fatalistic Gypsy tradition of looking for one marking to foretell the number of children or length of life, it cannot be verified that the predictive, psychic or clairvoyant information comes directly from the hands as such.

With today’s accelerated quest for self understanding, we are discovering more of our spiritual nature and of our inherent free will. We know that our attitudes and beliefs create our present experience and influence our future. Conscious awareness of our needs and preferences along with visioning our desired optimal future will determine our destiny far more powerfully than somebody else’s perception of a fated outcome.  

Besides, changes in lineation reflect the growing, evolving psyche and therefore lines are highly unreliable as a source of a predicted fate. Predictive palmistry is often mediocre, and may even be disturbing and damaging for the person. Nonetheless, for hand readers and all others engaged in healing arts, no matter how practical or scientific their beliefs, our intuition pervades our lives, whether or not we accept or recognise it.

Chiromancy is the name given to the divinatory part of the hand readers’ work. The term comes from Greek "kheri", meaning hand, and Latin "mantei/mantic", defined as having to do with divination, or the act of foreseeing the future, or telling of the unknown, by inspiration, by magic, or by signs and omens.

Hand readers develop keen intuition from being close to others and from reading and holding lots of hands. The practitioner does not have to try to actively cultivate their psychic ability. With experience, some indefinable portals of awareness open and a wealth of information about the person enters from the Universal Source. Our intuitive perceptions have a vital role in our work, and the images, metaphors, colours, sensations and impressions received by readers beg trust and development.

Intuitive perception has little to do with intellect and analysis. We all have intuitive perceptions. We are always calibrating the resonances of everyone around us, whether consciously or not. We have hunches or senses about their being depressed, unwell, trustworthy, or cruel, or sensitive, the list is endless. The ‘flashes’ that we all experience about other people often seem to have no direct link to our thinking; they just seem to come up from nowhere. In an instinctive place somewhere within the eternal stillness of our heart and soul, we experience a knowing certainty, as if it just is, like that. This knowing is more senior than belief, for belief is an action of thought, and comes from the mind. Intuition defies description and cannot be wilfully studied from a manual, but instead can only be received, through being willing.

While holding and looking at the hands, handreaders experience feeling sensations, and some see vivid visual images from amidst the palmar lines and patterns. As handreaders we open ourselves as channels through which energies flow. These energy flows are an intricate blend.

The raw materials of the craft of chirology are the scientifically provable facts about our hands, and a system for interpretation. Add love, care, compassion and a service orientation. Then we set aside the technical knowhow and open our senses to mysterious, often astonishingly accurate and revealing portals of perception. 

The main objective of having a hand reading is prevention. This includes health issues, such as identifying any predispositions for or latent diseases. For most people it is the fear of wasting effort and energy following a career for which they are unsuited that brings them for a hand reading. For many, it is the staying too long in a co-dependent, isolating relationship that motivates their seeking my counsel. Chirologists strive to inform their clients so as to empower their optimal future.


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Author - Jennifer Hirsch

Published - 2013-01-23