Belly Therapy and Its Meaning

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Belly Therapy and Its Meaning


Belly Therapy

What is belly therapy?

So you've read much about belly dancing - the sexuality vs. the sensuality, the art form, etcetera. So maybe it is time for you to acknowledge the value the art form has on your life? Or if you have not yet tried it, what the value will add to your life? Women come to me from all walks of life, wanting to learn something new and have fun and "ME" time. Sound familiar? Well, let me tell you what they experience and why.


What are the benefits?

Dance and movement therapy are certainly not to be ignored. Being a holistic therapist I have studied a number of modalities and researched more in the field of movement and dance. There can be no mistaking the fact the body stores unexpressed emotion. We all carry tension in some form or another, in our bodies. Acknowledge this if you are ready to, and read on. When clients come to me, whether they recognize this or not, they have started a journey to healing self. The journey, once started, cannot be stopped in a way.

Why would I want to start belly therapy?

Most of the students never want to perform in the public eye when they come into the studio- but by the end of the year they are ready to embrace themselves and express, safely, their inner goddess alongside the rest of the team, in a joyous celebration of their years' achievements on a big stage, with much love, inner joy and self respect!! We have learnt to be humble and accept that we are human goddesses, and we also have hormones, ego's and bad days, but we are always aware of who we really are, as individuals and students of the world. Every day we learn new lessons- and as Jewels, we are able to embrace and love ourselves for what makes us as women, tick, and to be able to understand more about the world around us, and how we approach life and it's hurdles! Belly therapy- a small step to the start to find your lost path.

An Explanation offered by Charlotte Blignaut (Jewels of the Nile)

Author - Charlotte Blignaut

Published - 2013-01-18