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EMF Balancing Technique
 This is a new energy system which is designed to accelerate the integration of spirit and biology, and therefore increase you health and allow your body to heal itself more efficiently. The EMF balancing technique is an experience of your own electromagnetic energy field and the patterns within it. There are 4 different phases or sessions, each with its own procedure and benefits.

Phase 1 - Wisdom and emotions, this sessions is done to release stress and it establishes a new pattern of freedom and well being. You will experience the energetic balance between head and heart
Phase 2 - Self direction and Support, the energy restraints of the past are gently released in this session and you will become aware of self-support and self direction
Phase 3 - Radiate Core Energy, by radiating core energy you encourage the increased flow of spiritual intelligence into your daily life. You will begin to experience new understanding and insights into your soul’s unique expression.
Phase 4 - Energetic Accomplishment, a connection and communication with your future self is established through the Future Potential Prism, channelling future potential energy into the co creation of present reality.

Who It Can Help
The EMF balancing technique can be used on children and adults for numerous reasons. The most common reason is to experience stress relief and to understand their self. Other benefits of this technique are to strengthen your resilience to the effects of stress, increase you energy and enhance your mental performance, especially when you are under pressure and to boost your capacity to function within EMF saturated environments. It also helps to enhance the health of the immune system.

Each EMF balancing technique session usually lasts an hour and has its own set procedure. Each session will begin with a brief assessment of your energy field. Once you are lying down comfortably the balancing of your electromagnetic field will begin. While this is happening you may experience warmth, tingling and deep relaxation. The ‘clearing’ process will begin as soon as the fibres within the electromagnetic field are stretched. People often experience a feeling of strings of energy being pulled when this happens. The practitioner will place her hands on various centres in the body and this then leads to the final adjustments of the session. The session provides a powerful realignment within the energy anatomy.

Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-21