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What it is

Eurhythmy is part of the system of Anthroposophical medicine. It was put together by the Austrian philosopher, artist and scientist Rudolf Steiner, in the late 1800's

How does it Work?

It is also known as Visible speech due to it's system of rhythmical body movements and because it is performed in harmony with the rhythm of the spoken word. The vowel and consonant sounds each have their own type of movement.

Who can Benefit?

The aim of eurhythmic exercises is to make the body an instrument for revealing the rhythms and tones of speech and music through movement. The body movements are believed to be very good for children as they help in developing suppleness and rhythmic sense. It is also believed to help people with problems as diverse as epilepsy and Down's syndrome, by working on Body awareness, rhythm, concentration and co-ordination.

Researched By Body and Mind.

Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-21