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Numbers are not just numbers. Each one holds a particular energy and quality. Every letter of the alphabet is linked to a number, from 1 to 9, starting with number 1 at A, and again at J, and so on. When all the letters of your name are added up and reduced to one digit, it gives vital information about you! For example, if the total number of your forenames and surname came to 26, you would add the two digits to get 8. Our name and date of birth alone can tell us a whole lot of information about what we're like and what direction our life may take. By understanding the numerical vibration one has attracted through one’s birthdate and name a person may find they are able to view and appreciated their gifts, talents and abilities and to be aware of what influences to embrace or discard.




ONE represents leadership and ambition. It's also the number for courage, independence, mental and physical activity, individuality, and achievement. ONE is often seen as a symbol for beginnings.
Someone whose personality has the number TWO is more likely to follow than lead. TWOs can be sensitive, have great intuition, and bring balance into situations. They make good partners.
In spiritual terms THREE is seen as the power of unity between the mind, body, and spirit. THREE is adaptable, lively, sociable, good at communicating, and keen on harmony and balance in life.
FOUR is an earthy number and represents stability, loyalty, and practical thinking. It symbolizes the four seasons, elements, and points of the compass. A FOUR is usually honest and capable.
FIVE is the number of the senses, and represents freedom and adventure. FIVES are usually cheery, optimistic types, with a love of travel that keeps them always on the move.
SIX suggests a person who is imaginative and intellectual, and looks for perfection. SIXes are also very interested in family matters and relationships, and good at taking responsibility.
SEVEN is seen as a very spiritual number. It represents the seven days of the week, and the seven colours of the rainbow. A SEVEN is wise and deep-thinking and interested in mystical things.
EIGHT is a practical number, often the number of people who are successful organisers, and good at business. EIGHT works hard in both the material and spiritual worlds
NINE is someone who cares about other people and human rights, and also has artistic or other creative talents. NINEs are usually high achievers, but never boast about their success.
ELEVEN is a spiritual number, and one of insight and intuition. An ELEVEN is said to be a bringer of joy and inspiration, and will usually be sensible and down-to-earth, but often unconventional.
TWENTY TWO is the number of completion and perfection. A TWENTY TWO can be great visionary, and good at making things happen. People with this number like to be in control of their lives and their surroundings.


Author - Author Unknown

Published - 2013-01-23