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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

What it is:

This form of healing uses a holistic approach. It can be a form of distant healing or laying of the hands.

Distant Healing

This type of healing is performed while the patient is not around. The healer's use prayer, meditation or visualization therapy to help link themselves to divine or mystical healing forces which they then channel to the patient, to activate the power to heal themselves. Most patients do not even know when they are being healed, however most healers will only perform this if they have been asked. The ability to heal at a distance is usually discovered by accident and the healer usually sees it as a gift that they can use to help others with. Most healers regard themselves as channels for powers which come from beyond them, and not being personally able to heal. They usually work alone or in groups and regular meeting are held so that they can pray for people who are in need of help.

The healing usually forms part of the ministry of most religions and a healer can usually be found through your church or minister.


This type of healing can help anyone with mental, physical or spiritual distress. The patient does not have to take an active part in it, while still benefiting from it. You will probably asked to relax as much as possible as a relaxed patient is more likely to be more receptive to healing energies liberated within him. Because the patient does not have to actively participate in the healing, it is believed to be suitable for babies, young children, ill or unconscious patients, the mentally disordered or animals.

The chronically ill, whose vitality and self-healing powers have been exhausted by lengthy illness may gain special benefits. It is important that you see a doctor before asking a healer for help. An instant cure should not be expected, especially where illness is the result of long term factors such as an unhealthy diet or ongoing stress.

Healing is usually sought as a last resort, however patients should not expect healing to exceed where all else has failed. Progress is often slow, and sometimes the symptoms will worsen before the body is find the ability to fight the illness. Healing of any type generally has very positive psychological effects and even where a condition cannot be reversed or improved, the patient may be relieved of distress and brought to accept his or her condition. The only danger is when the patient only uses distant healing and avoids using conventional medicine.

AUTHOR: Estie Mattheus.
ISBN: 0-9584493-7-6





Author - Estie Mattheus

Published - 0000-00-00