Tai Chi Chuan & Its Meaning

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Tai Chi Chuan & Its Meaning



Tai-Chi Chuan

What it is?

This is a form of martial art, it originated about 700 years ago. It means "supreme ultimate fist", which is taken for the concept and philosophy of Tai Chi, it represents the polar opposites that are brought into dynamic harmony and balance. It has become popular in the West and is now wide practiced. It works on both the body, by providing exercise in the world. Over the last 30 years it has become popular in the West and is now wide practiced. It works on both the body, by providing exercise and the mind, by helping you concentrate. Some of health benefits of Tai Chi Chuan, which has some of the qualities of Hatha Yoga, are many and they include greater flexibility, improved circulation, better balance and achieving a greatly enhanced sense of well-being.

The elderly benefit greatly from this technique often enjoy better health than other people of the same age in terms of cardiovascular function, bone condition, breathing function and metabolism. Tai-Chi Chuan promotes an even circulation of blood, the metabolism remains normal and acid and alkali are basically balanced. It is also believed to help maintain a high level of oxygen which improves the metabolism of oxygen and storage of energy. The slow movements that are involved in this technique allow for training the muscle fibre of the bones and elasticity of the smooth muscle of the vascular wall, improving the stability of the vascular motor nerve and the circulation of the blood.

Tai Chi has been found to be helpful in achieving a state of relaxation of the whole body which helps to quiet the mind and promote relaxation. It has also been shown that people that have practiced Tai Chi for a number of years become noticeably more cheerful and optimistic.

Who can Benefit?

Tai-Chi is a natural process of healing and for centuries it has been believed that it helps cure as well as prevent disease. It has been found to be quite effective against conditions such as stress and anxiety, because people who practice this technique are encouraged to relax and let go. It has also been found to improve breathing and posture and tone up the body as well stimulate circulation. Tai-Chi is often prescribed as an effective alternative to tranquilizers. No matter what age, whether young or old, the people who practice it find it physically, mentally and spiritually rewarding and it is very popular in China.

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Published - 0000-00-00