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Touch Therapy

What it is

The body responds to touch in a profound way. The art of touch is the magic that bridges the gap between stress (feeling as though you are not coping) and peak performance (the real thing). With touch comes a release of an abundance of endorphins and serotonin (mood enhancing hormone), simultaneously diminishing cortisol and adrenaline levels (stress enhancer).

How does it work?

With touch comes a sense of ease (opposite to disease), relaxation, appreciation of breath, sense of well being, being care for, security, comfort, letting go of body and mind plus all the wonderful chemical responses that take place in the body.

More importantly than knowing the facts and reading about it is the actual experience. Until you have experienced "touch therapy" you will not be aware of this whole dimension waiting to be explored.

It is recommended for optimal results that "touch therapy" be experienced once a week with a monthly assessment. All you need is yourself- just BE and allow yourself to be touched, by so doing releasing pressure or stress which is a natural accumulation of living -it is vital to release this pressure (think of it as a pressure cooker).

Touch therapy has been developed over a number of years by personal experience plus research.

Touch therapy is a combination of techniques from the East and the West. There is an acknowledgement of both the physical and spiritual aspects of the body. There is a force within each of us that responds to the gentleness of touch. We are awakened and sensitized again, waiting for more. Our bodies are like a Zen garden, when in alignment and balance it produces divine vibrations.

Who will Benefit?

There is no living being who will not benefit from touch- whether it is a newborn baby who may be restless or colicky, a child perceived to have ADD/ADHD, a teenager adjusting to new hormone levels, a university student swamped with exams, a business person caught up with achieving and making their mark, parents with an impossible schedule, the elderly who may be experiencing health issues or depression, not to mention all the other possible stressful situations encountered in-between.

AUTHOR: Estie Mattheus.
ISBN: 0-9584493-7-6




Author - Estie Mattheus

Published - 0000-00-00