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Tulip Therapy



Tulip Therapy

By planting tulip bulbs you can plant your own well-being. The beauty of this therapy is that it involves a bit of colour therapy and it allows you to feel the effects that are associated with growing something yourself. The bright colours of tulips will give you a way to consciously bring energy into your life to promote a sense of well-being that nurtures, heals or energises you or simply makes you feel special. There are a number of different colours to choose from, so choose the one that is best going to work for you.

  • Red - Promotes vitality, creativity and sexuality

  • Yellow - Promotes happiness and confidence

  • Violet - Promotes beauty, intuition and power

  • Orange - Promotes energy and joy

  • Blue - Promotes relaxation and peace

  • White - Promotes purity

If tulips are not your favourite flower, choose a flower that suits you and have fun in the garden.

Once the plant has flowered you can enjoy the therapeutic effect of the flower's fragrance. Fragrance works powerfully on the emotions. It helps us to open up to feelings of wonder and delight, and even bittersweet melancholy.

Taken from Shape Magazine with Permission by Traci French, www.bodyandmind.co.za



Author - Shape Magazine

Published - 0000-00-00