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Shiatsu and It's Meaning




What it is
Shiatsu is a Japanese word that is made up of 2 written characters meaning "finger pressure". It's origins lie in the natural response to pain or discomfort, which is to rub the affected area as it is comforting and often helps to ease pain. Shiatsu focuses on the use of static pressure which is applied to specific acupoints and meridians over the entire body that can help trigger specific repeatable results. Originally it was done in a intuitive manner, but over time theories were developed to explain this phenomenon and they eventually became the basis of a healthcare system which has remained in practical use for seven thousand years in the East.

Shiatsu is a relatively new term that refers specifically to the pressure techniques that were used in the original Anma or Do-In-Ankyo system, which also involved a comprehensive range of exercise, massage, diet, meditation and manipulation. Shiatsu has become increasingly popular in the West and elements of physiotherapy have begun to be incorporated. It is used for the prevention and treatment of many common ailments as it is a safe and effective therapy.

Oriental medicine has it's roots in philosophy and cosmology even though it does embrace the logic and empiricism of a science. By observing natural phenomena the earliest philosophers tried to describe the laws that determine life and it's processes. They used symbols such as Yin and Yang etc to try to express the particular through the general. The use of these symbols lay in their descriptive universality and the Yin and Yang and the 5 elements which are earth, fire, water, and metal were used, not only to define the external physical environment, but also to interpret the life process itself.

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