Heal Yourself and Others With Reiki Symbols

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Heal Yourself and Others With Reiki Symbols

Many of us have heard of Reiki symbols and that each one has a different energy vibration which is used for healing. Everyone has the ability to do Reiki, as it is only being aware of energy.

Reiki symbols are used to assist in the practice of Reiki. It is a powerful and efficient use of energy, the symbols clear energy, balance the chakras, which contributes to the cure of illness and conditions, reduces stress and increases relaxation. There are special symbols that are used for health and Reiki emotional healing.

An effective use of the Reiki healing symbols is to relieve stress. In order to use the Reiki symbols, the student should experience a Reiki Empowerment or Reiki Attunement. This is a positive experience, that usually occurs for the entire Reiki training, although some professionals have designed courses, which allow you to be attuned and use the symbols in your own home.

In general, it is not necessary to consume years for spiritual knowledge and meditation. You are just required to be attuned to the right level and you're ready to go. You can begin to heal yourself and others with Reiki Symbols, very easily.

One of the most used symbols in Reiki healing is the Cho Ku Rei, also known as the symbol of power. The main function is to advance the level of Reiki energy. It attracts the energy from around you and focuses it to where you want.

Sei Hei Ki is known as "Mental-Emotional Symbol", it contributes to mental and emotional healing and calming the mind. This symbol gives clearing, protection and purification.

Han Sha Ze Sho Nen is used to transfer the Reiki energy to where you want it to go. It defies time and space. It can be used for healing problems from the past, in order to save energy for the future.

Another symbol is Dai Ko Myo. This is a Master symbol. It is committed to the spiritual journey of the soul. It heals the soul and the expands wisdom.

It important to know and be able to draw the Reiki Spiritual healing symbols from memory. These symbols will open your mind, body and soul, and helps improve the flow of Life Force Energy which opens the door for you to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-22