How To Change Your Life With Reiki

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How To Change Your Life With Reiki

Have you ever wondered what your 'life purpose' is, where your path is true?

Have you ever seen people live a chaotic life, like robots they respond to the negative situation in their lives, looking for the next excitement to come,relationship, satisfying their need for satisfaction in their anxious, stress-filled lives without reward, just more dissonance and conflict.

They seek solace in the next best thing to find, but always end up frustrated and wondering why they are not very happy.

'There is nothing you have to seek outside yourself, everything lies within you!'... many great masters and intuitive will tell you, so are those poor, unhappy, frantic people searching in the wrong place? YES!

That elusive energy and power they want, the same energy Mikao Usui (the godfather of Reiki) was found, can be found within them at this time - it has to be - it's their very own life force energy, and without it, they would not be alive

So how can this help them reach inner peace, happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction?

Follow the Reiki road, Reiki is probably the kindest, most effective and easiest to learn healing art available worldwide - in addition to being one of the most outstanding methods of personal and spiritual development.

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To awaken this latent, powerful energy and power that lies dormant in the population today, you must be attuned with a Reiki master, although you could do it yourself, but because of social conditioning, most have lost this ability , so help and guidance is necessary.

Now if you think it means long, boring classes where you could lose interest before you reach your goal, then think again! ... you live in the Internet age.

So forget everything you've heard or been told in long courses, which can cost thousands of dollars / pounds / euro, of needing the "secret symbols" of needing the rancid breath of the "Super Reiki Master" blowing the symbols into the body and do not listen to the self-defeating arguments that an attunement can't be done by 'distant infection'.. if this were so distant healing would be equally useless.

"Distant attunement" is a wonderful experience just as any other 'hands-on' intention, you will feel the awakening of energy throughout your entire being, the feeling is almost indescribable, you will feel great peace, wholeness and oneness with your surroundings, for some, it is such an emotional experience that they are reduced to tears of happiness.

All a Reiki Master is doing for you in a 'hands on attunement' is enlightening you to own your capabitities, they do not 'give' you Reiki - you posses it already, they're simply introducing you to the part of YOU that is already this energy.

The only caveat I'd give to you is "choose wisely", there are countless websites out there offering all kinds of distant attunements with almost as many different names, something good, but certainly not all, if you can, go with a recommendation from someone who knows and has experienced what was given for their money and how they felt.

Via the Internet, the character is not 'shops' do not know who is behind the counter, or as real they are, so just be aware of.

After receiving Reiki Master three years ago, I definitely know that it will help, heal, physically and emotionally, and you'll see life through different eyes, understanding the Real You.

The course i used will help achieve this quickly and above all affordably, and feel the power that is awakened in you, without months or years of study, all you need is a peaceful weekend and some water in which symbols are infused before the attunement is given.

Then graduate to become a Reiki Master, insured and trained to pass on your teaching, if desired.

So plant your own garden and decorate your soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers!

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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-22