Simple Hand Positions Of Reiki

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Simple Hand Positions Of Reiki

You should be aware of all the various benefits that are closely related to Reiki as a form of meditation. Many of us are aware of how powerful this treatment can be when it comes to relieving stress as well as propelling the incredible feeling of relaxation, serenity, and positive well-being. This is the way to get rid of any disease and cure various ailments, as it quickly removes the sense of negative feelings such as anxiety, pain and depression.

If one chooses to be treated by this technique of healing, it is important to be aware of the correct position of the hand, because it is an essential part of Reiki. No complicated rituals are in this practice because of simple hand positions for Reiki healing is sufficient, provided that there is a patient's willingness to receive the natural feeling of compassionate healing.

Many healers work by listening to intuition, they simply allow their hands to move around freely to do the work, while they themselves, pass the healing energy that will benefit the patient.

For starters, the problem is first identified by placing your hands to scan the recipient's body. Where a difference in sensation is found in a particular region, this is identified as a problem that is causing difficulty for the patient. If you are involved in the positioning of the hands, it is possible that you can find different types of sensations such as cold, heat, pulsing or even a total lack of sensations. Therefore, it is also important to understand that the person who receives such treatment may not feel the sensations that the Reiki practitioner does, through hand positions for Reiki healing.

It's better to keep your hands about 2-4 inches away from the recipient. Keep your hands cupped, with the fingers tightly pulled together and thumbs pulled up against the hand. This is to ensure that positive energy is directed to the recipient that you are treating.

Be aware that lying is the best position for Reiki because it ensures that the person feels completely comfortable and relaxed enough to absorb the positive energy. If the recipient attempts to fight or oppose the positive energy, it will not help at all.

When you begin a treatment, you must always start with the head, where your hand that will cover the center of the forehead where it is believed that the third eye begins and the treatment will end at the feet. Remember that the position of the hands are very important for the healing aspect.

Although there is movement from one position to another position, it is best that you can make this gentle, so that the recipient is not disturbed. Once you have gone and placed your first hand on the body of the recipient, you must ensure that this link is not broken. You can do this by moving your hands slowly, one by one, so as to ensure that you are connected to the recipient the entire time.

Using these tips on hand positions for Reiki healing, you should have more confidence in letting the positive energy flow of positive energy.



Author - Body and Mind

Published - 0000-00-00