Spiritual Secret Of The Divine Light Of Reiki (DRL)

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Spiritual Secret Of The Divine Light Of Reiki (DRL)

Reiki is a Japanese word that describes a any work based on life force energy. Reiki is the love of God in its purest form. It being totally unconditional, requires nothing from the agent or receiver. It is a silver white light energy that is a transforming energy on all levels of a person's beingness.

Divine Reiki Light [DRL] is a very powerful practice, which glorifies the quality of the heart of unconditional love. The heart automatically objectifies what cannot be objectified.

True power lies in the heart. Divine Light Reiki [DRL] invokes the magical power of the heart, the unconditional love. Universal life force energy and universal love are constantly there, but we need an open heart to receive them and send them to others

When one combines DRL with Reiki, the divine healing energy is multiplied and intensified. The heart to which DRL points toward is the one heart which is common to all of us.

DRL is a procedure that is applied for healing a person, situation or relation. You can send healing across time and space.


Request Reiki, Reiki masters and Reiki guides to send you the Divine Reiki Light.

Envision the Divine Reiki Light as a high voltage silver white light that comes from infinity and enters your Crown Chakra.

Imagine the divine spiritual light descending through your Third Eye Chakra to your Throat Chakra and to your Heart Chakra.

Project the DRL out from your front Heart Chakra in a cone like fashion. As a conical beam of light would emerge from a powerful torch.

Now see the intended patient, situation or event small enough to be covered by the DRL-cone.

Now send out additional Reiki with your hands to intensify and enhance the DRL. Intend that Reiki should flow from your hands to heal the objective covered by the DRL-cone.

When you are satisfied with the healing, declare the person or situation or event as healed.

Now, give thanks to the Divine DRL with the attitude of gratitude.

The frequency of the DRL sessions will obviously depend on the severity of the problem.


Author - Body and Mind

Published - 0000-00-00