What is Reiki Used For?

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What is Reiki Used For?

Ever wanted to know what reiki is used for? What does it do? Can it cure illnesses? Read on to find out.

Reiki is a therapy which is used for treating the subtle body. In simpler terms this means that it can used for healing physical illnesses from the root of the problem, which is almost always some emotional or spiritual issue. In fact Reiki may be considered better used as a preventative than an active cure, though it will help alleviate symptoms and reduce recovery time even during an acute illness.

What is Reiki used for? Simply put, almost anything. Reiki can be used for any sort of disorder, mental or physical, and helps alleviate pain and promotes a sense of well being. It helps calm raging emotions and brings about the return of happiness and peace after a loss.

For long term illnesses, Reiki can be used frequently to steadily work at the deep seated energetic issues that are behind it. It's best in this case to receive an attunement and to give reiki to yourself instead of hiring a practitioner, or to exchange reiki sessions for free with another reiki initiate.

Acute or short term illnesses usually require less dedication to cure as they are quick to pass anyway, but during strong symptoms it is good to have an equally intense application of reiki. During these times you may not be able to concentrate enough to give yourself reiki if you are even capable of doing so, which makes it an excellent time to hire a reiki practitioner to help you out. Even so, for acute pains a measure of comfort and some relief is brought about by resting your hands on the affected spot and intending for it to be healed. The extra benefit during intense pain is relieving the anguish of not having anything to do to make it better, which is psychologically a big factor.

Reiki can be used for emotional pains too. If you are suffering from heartbreak, reiki applied to the centre of the chest is very effective. Reiki directed at angry or nervous people calms them down. It could be an excellent preparation for an exam if you suffer from exam stress.

Reiki can also be used as a form of psychotherapy. Use introspection or journaling to bring up old emotions that are holding you down, and then use reiki to clear them. You will feel freer and lighter afterwards, and the problems caused by these emotions will be gone. You may even be curing what would develop into a future illness!

Finally Reiki is very relaxing and can be enjoyed as a way of treating oneself and winding down. Rest assured that the energy will find a way of being a benefit to your organism, even if you are at the best of health!

There are many different ways of using reiki for better health and well being and many more can be discovered with a little experimentation. The more you use it, the more you get to know its uses and limitations. Reiki is a very versatile and powerful tool for emotional, spiritual and physical healing and growth.


Author - Body and Mind

Published - 0000-00-00