How Can Reflexology Help In Healing Your Body?

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How Can Reflexology Help In Healing Your Body?

Today there is great interest generated about reflexology and its effects on health and welfare of the human body. This gentle, and non-invasive alternative treatment is said to be very beneficial as it encourages and assists the body to heal naturally. Reflexology is a method whereby application of pressure with fingers and thumbs on specific areas and points on the hands, feet and even the ears of the body triggers the release of stress and improves health.

Reflexologists recognize and identify the specific reflex points and areas of the hands and feet, which correspond to other body parts and systems. They say that by applying pressure on these reflex points, there is a beneficial effect on the corresponding organs, as well as general health and healing in the body. For example, then treatment of reflexology has the idea that a certain area in the "arch" of the foot corresponds to the bladder and the right pressure in this area, will effect the functioning of the bladder.

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Millions of people around the world use reflexology as a complementary therapy in combination with other therapies to combat anxiety, diabetes, renal dysfunction, headaches, sinusitis, etc. This form of therapy is similar to acupuncture, like acupuncture it also works in the energy of the body by stimulating reflex points (although the reflex points of acupuncture and acupressure are not the same points of reflexology)

Even though they look like, it is wrong to confuse reflexology and massage. Specific techniques used in the two are different. Massage uses systematic manipulation and reflexology uses micro-movement techniques, such as hook and finger walking.

Reflexology has been found to benefit the restoration of harmony and balance in the body and to release tension and stress. It can produce a peaceful mind and a state of complete relaxation. Research conducted in the United States and around the world shows that reflexology has positive effects. Investigations by the Commission of the health institutions reported that reflexology helps the body reduce pain, improve sleep and relaxation and reduce depression, anxiety and other psychological symptoms.

Over three hundred studies on reflexology in China show that it is effective in most cases that involved sixty-four types of diseases. However, though the quality of the studies is not established there is no denying that there are hundreds of testimonies from people who believe they have been helped by reflexology.

Today, there are a large number of schools and workshops that offer reflexology as a part of their curriculum. Massage schools are also offering it as a technique. The American Reflexology Certification Board offers a national certification that in reflexology is recognized. The person must undergo a training period of 110 hours from a qualified instructor in physiology and anatomy, history of reflexology, the practice and theory of reflexology, professional business ethics, etc.

You need to do some research before choosing a reflexologist. It takes time and practice to raise awareness of energy flow and to build up sensitivity in the the fingers so it is advisable to ask friends and family, and health care providers for first reference. You should be comfortable with the reflexologist to get the best result.

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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-22