The Beginning Of Reflexology

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The Beginning Of Reflexology




Reflexology is a popular natural healing technique that uses both hands and feet as controllers in managing and improving the overall health of the human body. Like robots, our bodies have certain key areas that act as controllers responsible for the good condition of the body. This is done by applying a different pressure on certain key areas of the hands and feet that covers the corresponding body parts. They are called reflex areas and are critical to improving the state of the body and strengthening the body's ability to heal. Reflexology is now popular and much loved by many people, it is not limited to people with physical problems as it is now a regular service that is offered by many massage spas in the world.


In ancient Egypt, the use of reflexology can be traced back to 2330 BC. The archaeological evidence through the wall murals show the use of this alternative medicine on people by a massage therapist know during that time as a physician. Many murals tell the even of a doctor treating patients by working in their hands and feet. Most of these initial images of natural treatment has started the idea of ​​the effectiveness of reflexology as a complementary and alternative medicine.


Ancient Greece also became part of the world where reflexology has been used as a form of natural medicine and regular medical care. Ancient spas include reflexology as alternative medicine in relieving pain and enhancing relaxation. Reflexology and other forms of natural healing have been used by the Greeks to improve the health and welfare.


Ancient China is also a place where the methods and techniques of reflexology have been cultivated. Reflexology in ancient China can be attributed to the time when a certain individual known as Fu Yu was healing his patients without any medicine, such as herbs, acupuncture or other Chinese medicines. The exclusive use of massage therapy at that time was not a common practice, including the style of reflexology, where the doctor got his name from. Its Chinese name is Yu, which means healing, and Fu, which means foot dorsum. Yu Fu was successful in treating patients by targeting reflex zones corresponding to the part of the body that required improvement and work. Most patients were healed as their body reacted well to the massage therapy by the physician.


Europe has a well known reflexology method called Zone Reflexology. This method of reflexology is the idea of ​​Dr. William H. Gerald Fritz during his time and was later developed by Eunice Ingham, it became the basis of modern reflexology techniques. This paved the way for reflexology to be a part of our regular medical care and for all to enjoy.


Reflexology aims to relieve the stress of the human body and reduce or completely eliminate body aches. This is done by calming the body by working on the release of muscle tension. Reflexology improves the condition of the body by increasing circulation and helps to strengthen the movement and flexibility of different parts of the body.


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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 0000-00-00