Hidden Meanings In The Tarot Deck

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Hidden Meanings In The Tarot Deck Tarot symbols are the fundamental elements of divination through tarot cards. The Conscious easily identifies the alphanumeric characters, but the subconscious only recognizes symbols. Symbols combine to help the reader interpret the answers that are given to the seekers questions. The symbols of the Tarot cards are usually based on images found on the Rider-Waite Tarot card deck. Different decks with different images are available. This is because the tarot cards provide meanings through images that are easy for the seeker to relate to. Divination through tarot cards is not only image based. Tarot cards also have numbers and colours that symbolize hidden meanings. The images found on tarot cards are important symbols that help decipher the problems of the seeker. The tarot cards consist of fifty-six major Arcana cards. The pictures on the Major Arcana cards deal with everyday problems and symbolize their relationship with the seekers issues. There are four suites, cups, pentacles, swords, and wands. Each suite has four court cards with images of kings, queens, knights and pages and ten pips. The four suites have their own hidden meaning. Wands symbolizes the desire, cups symbolize emotions, swords symbolize the intellectual pursuits and pentacles symbolizes finances. The twenty-two cards that make up the Major Arcana have great symbolic value and are used by diviners to deal with deep emotions, thoughts and more long-term goals. The symbols are not only found in the images. Tarot cards are colourful and each colour has its own story. The colour scheme will also help to find the meaning and purpose of the question posed by the seeker. Different colours have different meanings. The colour white symbolizes purity and healing, the colour black indicates obscurity, brown reveals practicality, pink shows love, the colour red is the symbol of the heart, green is the healing colour, orange show vitality and yellow symbolizes zest. The colour blue is the image of an open sky and purple reflects the soul. The diviner focuses on the image and combines it with the meaning of the colour to find a conclusion. The numbers on the tarot cards are symbols and reveal the hidden meaning to the reader. Tarot card numbers are listed from one to ten and each has a symbol. 0 represents potential, the number 1 represents loneliness, 2 is companionship and love, 3 is the triad, 4 represents material realities, number 5 represents the five human senses, 6 is the number of harmony, 7 is considered an odd number that symbolizes introspection. The number 8 represents power and material prosperity, the number 9 represents wisdom and the number 10 represents finality and closure. Interpreting the tarot cards properly is the secret of divination. These symbols are the key to finding the secrets of the seekers questions by providing valuable information at different levels of the subconscious. To find a detailed listing of all tarot card readers click here

Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-22