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Reconnective Healing - How A New Spectrum Of Healing Frequencies Revolutionizes Healing

There is a whole new spectrum of healing frequencies, known as Reconnective Healing, which opens a door to general health and personal development. According to Dr. Eric Pearl, who was the first person to find these new frequencies, there is a great need for unveiling the healing of the world, because there are too many false assumptions and unnecessary restrictions. Instead of allowing the healing to unfold, many healers are trying to influence the outcome with the addition of technique, prayers for protection or all kinds of other rituals. Of course there is nothing wrong with rituals, but in the end they have little to do with feeling good.

It's time for practitioners to shed their fear of harming their customers, because in the end they are just holding themselves back. If it is time for someone to receive healing it will happen whether or not the healer has used the right kind of protection or technique. There are a number of very interesting studies on Reconnective Healing, that can silence even the greatest sceptics. Until now, the healing world has been one of rejected experiments and findings. It's been easy for mainstream scientists to reject the efforts of proving alternative healing approaches. Together with the limited view of many healing practitioners, it created the ideal target for sceptics who warn people that any kind of healing is bogus. But all this changed with the discovery of new, comprehensive healing frequencies, that scientists call the Reconnective healing spectrum. These healing frequencies have been proven to be as real as it burning your hand when placing it on a hot stove, and have increased the energy levels of Russian Olympic athletes by a huge 17%. Interestingly, these measurements were done by a special camera, which has been approved by mainstream science for the use of diagnosing illnesses.
In fact, studies show that these frequencies are so real that you don't have to believe in them to make them work. Even sceptics who are most resistant to embracing the idea of ​​being healed by this approach, have seen great results. With this new level of healing, the healing world is changed. We no longer need to understand the dynamics of disease, or direct the healing in any way. We can simply acts as an amplifier when working with the Reconnective frequencies.

It's amazing to see the possibilities that come with it.

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Author - Body and Mind

Published - 0000-00-00