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Earth hands has short fingers and a squarish palm. This shows that the person is practical, reliable, creative and has lots of energy.

Fire hands has short fingers with a long palm. These people live life to its fullest and are often sporty and energetic.

Air hands has long fingers with a squarish palm. This shows an artist person who is adventurous and likes doing new things.

Water hands has long fingers with a long palm. This person is sensitive and caring. They often have their heads in the clouds, day dreaming.

Each person has a dominant hand and a passive hand. Your writing hand is your dominant one. All the features on this hands relates to your personality. Your talents, health and future successes are revealed on this hand. Your passive hand relates to your imagination, instincts and potential.

The fleshy pads at the base of each finger & around the hands are called the mounts. These mounts reveal our strengths and weaknesses, depending on their size.

Fingers contain masses of information about the person. Even the finger tips reveal what type of person you are. Square fingertips reveal a practical, logical nature whereas pointed fingertips shows that the person is artistic and sensitive.
Lines on your hands


  • The Thumb
  • The Heart Line
  • The Life Line
  • The Head Line
  • The Fate Line
  • The Apollo Line

Crosses, stars & other marks on the lines are signs of events or turning points in a person's past, present or future. They can be a warning to take extra care at that time. Breaks in lines are a stop in the flow of energy.

Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-22