The meaning of accidents

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The meaning of accidents


I know of quite a few people who have experienced accidents recently. Some might suggest that the accidents are fate or simply the universe punishing these folk - some sort of karmic retribution. Others might feel that the accidents are a message from the universe, like “stop”.

As a ThetaHealer I believe that although we can reflect on the meaning of accidents, we need to find out what was happening in the person's life at the time of the accident. Moreover, what were they thinking about when the accident happened? Perhaps they were feeling stressed out or unwell?

Nancy R. Fenn feels that car accidents, for example, are not accidents at all. She believes that the states of mind that put us on a collision course are these:

•      Repressed hostility, anger or rage

•      Victim mentality

•      Trying to do more than one thing at a time (unfocused)

•      Being rushed or being late

•      Talking on the cell phone (may be linked to boundary issues)

•      Living entirely outside the self, causing deep depression, self loathing, self hatred and even self destructive tendencies

In other words, these states of mind (and associated belief systems) result in a vibration which may manifest accidents. Why? Because of the law of attraction, and because our souls want us to heal.


The law of attraction, for example, reminds us that we if we have “unpleasantness” to process internally we attract “unpleasantness” to us externally. The belief, for example, that “I am clumsy” may simply create lots of evidence that this is true: lots of little accidents. If one becomes even more fearful of accidents then of course, one may even manifest more accidents.


Why? Because our souls want us to do the work and heal. If we don’t do the work and heal (and reduce the mental states that predispose us to accidents, for example,) then it stands to reason that the accidents will keep coming. As someone once said, they're just flashing road signs that tell us we're off course, and must pay more attention if we want to safely arrive at a desirable destination. (Illness serves a similar purpose: it reminds to go inwards to the root cause.) No blame: it just is.


Let’s do the healing work required: let’s address our insecurities and fears, examine the associated subconscious beliefs, cultivate feelings of trust, safety and security, and consciously and deliberately give your thought energy/attention to what you truly desire. 


Author - Eric Richardson

Published - 2012-00-00