Unconditional Love : The Key to Self-Empowerment

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Unconditional Love : The Key to Self-Empowerment


by Psycho-Spiritual Scientist & Empowerment Specialist
Ashraf Moorad B.Sc Hons (Psych)

Unconditional Love is the vibration of Self-Empowerment. It is an energy that heals our powerlessness & affectedness and reveals our creativity & inspiration. Unconditional Love is the most valuable and powerful ‘resource’ in existence.
It is the Energy of Unconditional Love that empowers us to be joyful, satisfied and fulfilled. It empowers us create the prosperous lives we desire and attract support we require in doing so.
When we are experiencing Unconditional Love we are completely secure, experiencing connection with Source and Life itself. When we block Unconditional Love from being experienced, we experience fear, aloneness and unsupportedness. From fear we then attempt to keep ourselves safe. Security on the other hand is the absence of fear which is the experiencing of Unconditional Love.
A Secure individual ease-ily expresses their real self. Such an individual naturally expresses their uniqueness, talents & creativity. He or she is in touch with self and aware of preferences and desires in terms of personal satisfaction and fulfilment.  It is part of the personal satisfaction of such an individual that others live lives of ease, joy, satisfaction and fulfilment as well.
The empowered person is loving to self & others, enjoys life & living and gives & receives support freely. The Empowered indiviudal is highly creative and is completely supported by the Universe in terms of manifesting their heart’s desires.
So how does one access this most powerful re-Source that is Unconditional Love ?
It is by recognizing that Unconditional Love always exists. If you can conceive and perceive of it, and are open to receiving it, then you will surely experience it.
By definition, there is no condition for receiving it.  It is a given. This is often the greatest challenge for most people, as most believe that love is to be earned. Unconditional love is simply to be received.
Unconditiona Love is received by knowing of your unconditional value.  When you know of your value you automatically receive that love that always all-ways available.
It is by recognizing that you exist, that you are a legitimate part of creation and that you are created purposefully by Source. Further that you are not only created by Source but from Source itself. It is in recognizing that you are a creative aspect of Source and are therefore a ‘godlet’ that you become receptive to Unconditional Love.
This is your innate and intrinsic value. Do you recognize it ? I do, mine and yours.
As you know of your immense unconditional value and significance, you open up to receiving and experiencing unconditional love.
Know that you are allowed to be as you are, while you are,
Know that you are acceptable while you are, as you are,
And further that you are completely appreciated while you are, as you are.
You are loved while you are. as you are !
Being in acceptance of the above, you will begin to flow the healing and empowering energy of unconditional love and experience joyful fulfilling living that doing so does.
Ashraf Moorad B.Sc Hons (Psych)
Psycho-Spiritual Scientist & Empowerment Specialist
Founder of The Blissful Living Teachings
Director of Human Potential Unlimited
email : ashraf@blissful-living.org







Author - Ashraf Moorad

Published - 0000-00-00