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Meditation is a way of slowing down & getting in touch with that calm space inside. By using good breathing & concentration techniques, a few moments of silent meditation can help you relax both mentally & physically. It brings about a feeling of well-being, & helps us to get connected to our spiritual selves.

It is believed that meditation has three stages of consciousness. They are called concentration, meditation, & contemplation.

The first stage concentration: Is to focus on one thing for example, a candle flame or imagine a flower. Silence is good for you. By sitting quietly & meditating you can relax your mind, body & spirit. When you concentrate for long enough, the second stage of meditation should happen naturally, & without any great effort.

During the second stage, you go beyond the chattering of your conscious mind, forgetting everyday chores & concerns. Thoughts drift slowly & you begin to receive information from your subconscious mind. The idea is that you concentrate on an image & clear your mind of all other thoughts. As you do this, you begin to relax.

The third stage is contemplation, when not a single conscious thought crosses your mind. It may take years of practice, & people who reach this stage are said to be in touch with the pattern of the whole Universe.

Meditation for Beginnings:

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position & bring your attention your breathing, following the breath as it enters & leaves your body, letting your muscles let go with each exhalation. Do this for a dozen breaths, just following the rising & falling of your body with each breath.

Now, let yourself focus on one thing you want to do that is not currently part of your life. Let it be something specific & imagine in detail what it would feel like. It may be meditation or exercising daily, learning something new or doing something creative like dancing, painting, writing or simply being more patient with those you love. Something that has meaning for you.See yourself beginning this activity. Imagine the state of mind, body, & emotions ideally required to begin. How do you want to be feeling mentally, emotionally, & physically when you start? Imagine yourself as you ideally want to be to begin. Stay with this for a few breaths.Now, be aware, feel the gap, if there is one between where you want to be as you begin living this aspect of your life & where you are. Perhaps you are more tired, less inspired, less calm, or more distracted than you want to be. Let your attention follow your inhalation & your exhalation & take a few moments to feel, without judgement, this gap. Now imagine yourself beginning what you originally wanted to do, starting from the place you are right now. See yourself doing it. Let yourself relax into how things are, perhaps not as perfectly, not as ideally as you first imagined it, but doing it anyway. Let go with each exhalation let yourself feel exactly how you are feeling. Give yourself permission to begin from here.

Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-16