The Path Of Meditation - Right Intention

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The Path Of Meditation– Right Intention

Right intention follows naturally from right view. Right view is essential as the wrong view obviously leads to the wrong intentions, actions and results. Due to right view you can avoid the unnecessary mistakes of wrong views and get the right results. It gives you confidence as you know how to act correctly and the intention to do this naturally arises. Thus it is important to do something about changing your views whenever they are wrong. All views are tainted with the ego delusion that you are central and more important than others. You only see from your point of view which you value very highly and think poorly of those that disagree with you. Although the world may value self-importance and be very impressed, self-importance is not liberating. As self-importance is where you are and self-importance is none other than greed, hatred and delusion, these difficulties are the material that right intention has to start working with. There is no point in waiting for deeper understanding and perfect conditions to arrive before you start. They never will since you have to work for them. They will not happen automatically as though they are your birthright. Words are only signposts pointing in a certain direction. It is changing your bad habits that brings results, walking the path that takes you to the destination. Those who have gained peace and happiness have done so through constant effort, the effort of changing their views so the right intention arises with sufficient strength to be continuously implemented.

Once you have seen the destructiveness of greed and hatred, this clear, incisive understanding generates confidence in the superiority of your view and your ability to succeed in walking this path. It gives you the freedom to change your destiny. This is not a superiority over others but a superiority over ignorance and seeing wrongly. From this confidence arises right intention, which is the firm resolution to exercise your new ability to make the right decisions now you have discovered how to avoid unnecessary mistakes and act skilfully to get the right results.

As wrong views give rise to the wrong intention to act out of desire, hatred or cruelty, so the right view gives rise to the right intention to act out of renunciation, loving-kindness and compassion.

Renunciation is letting go of the harmfulness of desire, aggression and the wish to gratify your cruel master, the ego. You turn your back on them and become like a block of wood. Renunciation cannot be accomplished by wishful thinking or suppression. Only when you see through desire and realize that suffering is the inevitable, characteristic result of desire, does renunciation follow easily. Instead of arranging your life around desire and punishing or blaming others when your desires are frustrated, you see correctly that desire and frustration are the bad results of previous wrong actions and that your situation can be improved by working with greater understanding of how experiences actually arise from the flow of causality. Pleasure and happiness can only arise from good causes and not by desire and grasping as these are negative.

Loving-kindness is emphasized as it is not the cold charity of dutiful-kindness but the kindness of a mother towards her child. Loving-kindness opposes hatred and is the wish for others to be happy and successful. Compassion is not feeling sorry but the disturbing realization that you are powerless to help others become free of their suffering and so you make the sincere intention to develop the necessary skills to help them.

Strengthened by this superior view and intention to act skilfully, the rest of the journey unfolds with greater ease. Once you know how to do things the right way you naturally want to do this as it brings such good results of contentment, happiness and proficiency. Without a trace of regret, you put down the burden of thinking, speaking and acting wrongly and avoid the fruitless fatigue of unnecessary mistakes.

Article Source: Massage Wisdom.
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Author - Leon Potgieter

Published - 0000-00-00