Why Past Life Regression?

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We all have memories stored in our subconscious minds and our lives are impacted in various ways by these memories. We carry, in cell memory, the result of past actions, be they positive or negative. These past actions influence the way we feel and behave. An understanding of where our behaviour patterns originated, and with the wisdom gained from this understanding, can help us neutralise these past memories and the way they impact our lives.

Situations do not change, but the way we perceive a situation can bring about the desired change. How do we bring about the desired change? Through the way we react to a situation. By changing our perception and reaction to a situation we can eliminate the problem – we stop resisting the situation and are now being non-resistance. From a Karmic perspective the lesson is - how do we react to what happens in our lives and does this reaction increase our levels of awareness?

Buddha said “It is our resistance to life that causes our pain.” We need to learn to live our lives with non-resistance. Accepting ‘what is’.

Our actions of the past whether it is in this life time or in previous lives are recorded in the memory banks of our subconscious mind and result in the way we view our present lives. This includes everything that happens to us; it maybe the way you feel about yourself – your self-image, what you feel about your career, your sex life, your relationships, the money you may or may not have and many, many more of the various aspects of your life.

Through the process of Past Life Regression we are able to gain an understanding of how our past lives have influenced our present life. With this understanding and wisdom we are now able to change our perceptions and the way we react to various situations. We are able to make decisions as to what is best for our future and can put a stop to resisting what happens in our lives, becoming more non-resistant and accepting ‘what is’. The wisdom gained during a Past Life Regression can neutralise the karma that is influencing your present life. If you can accept that wisdom neutralises karma, then your past lives need no longer affect you.

Vanessa Baragwanath
C.H.T - CPTF (Non-medical)
Journey Practitioner & Past Life Regression

Milpark, corner of Koeberg and Ixia Road, Milnerton, Cape Town
Cell no 073 3520 671 or 021 552 4885
email van@imaginet.co.za

Author - Vanessa Baragwanath

Published - 0000-00-00