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I am writing about a system I work with called Transpersonal Numerology.

This system was devisedby a gentleman called Richard Higgins and there is nothing else like it anywhere! It is an EXCELLENT way of understanding exactly what makes you "tick"!

It has NOTHING to do with a persons name and EVERYTHING to do with the date of birth. It comprises a persons personality (your ACTUAL day of birth) known as the SELF number and then the FAMILY number (which is what we are like in the home and to those closest to us) then we have the WORLD number (what we are all about when we are out there in the "big" world) and lastly and most importantly, our LIFE Path number –the destination and what we have to AIM to become in this lifetime.

Each number has two sides to it – a surface number and a submerged number. We have to learn to merge all the different aspects of our characters together in order to become a well rounded and complete individual. We can learn EVERYTHING from having our personal chart done. What we are best suited to do career wise, what our best relationships matches would be in love and career decisions, where our strengths and weaknesses lie and the year that we are currently in and what it holds for us!! An awesome "now thyself" method!!

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Author - Bonnie Van Vuuren

Published - 2013-03-09