The Growth Imperative: an infinite thread

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The body-mind continuum has exploded beyond belief since the conservative constraints of the pre-sixties. I grew up in a world where there was a clear distinction between orthodoxy and unorthodoxy. That distinction can’t be made with much conviction anymore. The shift has been from knowing right from wrong to doing what works to doing what works for me.

Is the last phase, doing what works for me, selfish and indulgent? It all depends. Consciousness is indivisible, and if you try hijack it for a very own agenda, you won’t get too far. Why do we do our various practises in complementary medicine, alternative awareness and mindful purpose? I would say that the common answer is growth, not only mine, but for the sake of the whole, which is not beyond contemplation, but experiences itself by self-creation. No-one is in charge of the whole, but everyone is responsible to it, in contrast to “for it”.  What is the whole about? I don’t believe that the answer fits into language. Each part of the whole changes, moves and transforms, along with the whole, and if you don’t like the feeling of this, make peace with coming back as yourself again and again until you’re prepared to have more fun than you’re having now.

What does growing feel like? It feels like the excitement of profound change, the apprehension of having to respond to new complexities, the satisfaction of extra-ordinary accomplishment. Every little bit of growth is about transforming the ordinary into the extra-ordinary.
Facts discovered during and since the Renaissance have moved on to become postmodern narratives, and no story is sacrosanct. EQ and IQ are required to move at the speed of change that’s rushing through humanity. Is this amazing rate of change growth itself or symptomatic of the search for growth?

I’ve found that growth is easy. The more you try, the less you grow. I did a meditation programme for three months and had the spontaneous, startling and overwhelming realization that all the effort I’d put into growth was merely that: effort. The requirement was to stop trying to live and be and just live and be. No-one is responsible for the whole, everyone is responsible to the whole. And this elusive “whole”? How is one to approach such an overwhelming idea? By following the growth imperative, which is your own special thread leading you in and out of the labyrinth, until you rise above your own maze.

The growth imperative arises from personal context, from difficult encounters, from extra-ordinary kindnesses. As you discover what moves you deeply, you go along with the growth imperative, responding, not trying to control. What changes is you, at your core. Your mind, including thought patterns, emotional patterns and the ability to decide for yourself changes. Your body is allowed to maintain a more healthy balance, restoring and creating health.

We grow by that which nurtures us, and often we confuse looking for nourishment for accepting nourishment. There’s a fascinating connection between that which is the core of us and the rest of infinity, the whole. Indeed, we are nourished. We are given what we require precisely at the time of necessity.

The details that make us curious as to how this works are our own story.

My advice is to grasp the curiosity and follow the story, authoring it as you go. The story grows as the author does, and the ending always ends on a note of another opening. One of the most growing experiences of my living awareness was to get to the final pages of “Sophie’s Choice “ by William Styron. What was absolutely horrendous and unendurable was a new day, “excellent and fair”.
I think this is true. Our most true moments are horrific. Out most true moments are blessed. In this knowing comes freedom, at the most freeing level of all. How we word this is choice, how practise this is action.

Author - Dr Walter Harry Willies

Published - 2013-03-12