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Five Element Chirology – Palmistry – Hand Reading


~ interpreting your fingerprint glyph patterns ~

Part science, part art, the craft of five element chirology is a dialogue therapy, comprising a blend of counselling, coaching, eastern and western palmistry, therapeutic touch, and intuition. While the readers’ intuitive senses are profoundly engaged when analysing hands, and are inextricable from the process of a chirology consultation, five element chirology is not a predictive or divinatory craft. As a counselling therapy, five element chirology draws on “the language of the elements” to decode and interpret the hands' features. Chirologers (from Gr: kheri –hand and logos –knowledge) identify and codify the hands’ shapes, textures and markings to determine people's temperament, traits, persona, emotional climate, needs, sensitivities, coping strategies, and vocational aptitudes.

Our elements earth, water, fire, air and chi embody certain principles, each with their individual signature qualities. An element is ascribed to every hand feature, so as to specifically evolve an understanding of the physical, emotional, vocational, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Our fingerprint (and palmar) glyphs are pre-ordained, fixed and unchangeable cosmic imprints, which receive and emit their own unique resonance. They are energy portals, thresholds through which we can better understand and express our authentic responses. This article presents some interpretations of our six primary glyphs.

Arch (governed by earth)

The simple arch flows across the fingertip from one side to the other, and has no *triradius* (see below). Arches look like simple hills. Earth is solid, dependable and slow. If you have many arches you are supportive, reliable, dependable, serious mindedness and home loving.

Loop (governed by water)

The loop glyph flows in and out of the same side of the fingertip. One triradius supports the loop. Loops look like a droplet of water. Water is sensitive, fluid and cohesive. If you have many loops you are adaptable, emotional, imaginative and responsive. You need to belong and to merge with a group. Loops are the most common glyph.

Tented Arch (governed by fire)

The arch drapes over a centrally positioned triradius. It looks like a pole supporting a tent, or a mountain with a volcano within. Fire is energetic and restless. If you have more than one tented arch, you are enthusiastic, restless and intense. You’ll often need quiet retreats to nature.

Whorl (governed by air)

Whorls look like spirals or bull’s eyes. Two triradii support each whorl. Principles of air are distance, detachment and communication. If you have many whorls, you are “the tree that stands in the desert”, independent, original and an individualist. You observe, analyse, and work best alone.

Double Loop (governed by water)

Like the yin/yang, two loops intertwine, supported by a triradius on either side. If you have double loops, you may experience a lot of emotional turmoil, vacillation and inner conflict. You are a judicial thinker, and a diplomat, who dislikes bias and prejudice. You are highly sensitive and intuitive.

Peacock’s Eye (governed by water and air)

A loop contains a whorl in a teardrop shaped pocket, supported by one triradius. This exquisite glyph is traditionally said to bestow good fortune on its bearer. Owners also have a discerning eye, design flair, a high degree of power of observation, and a developed sense of self preservation.

The individual finger on which the marking manifests also has its own element rulership, which further refines the analysis, as do other forms and markings in the over-all hand.

In my book, ‘God Given Glyphs – Decoding Fingerprints – Chirology – The How-to of Hand Reading’ I have explained more about how it is that our glyphs show our psychological ‘backdrop’. Glyphs also show the environments in which we feel in harmony, which is why understanding your glyphs can be so helpful with career choice, as well as with relationship compatibility.

A *triradius* is a skin ridge formation, composed of three directions of skin ridges that converge, to look like three pronged propellers. Triradii share a place on all other known fingerprints.

Jennifer Hirsch

Chirology South Africa

Author - Jennifer Hirsch

Published - 2013-03-22