Metamorphosis: A Journey of Transformation

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A Journey of Transformation


By Opal-Jazmine Dodkins

Metamorphosis literally means transformation and heals you from the inside, out - gently and profoundly.


Metamorphosis is based on three modalities:  Eye Bates System (which is how our beliefs affect our vision); Naturopathy (the body’s ability to heal itself) and Reflexology (pressure point treatment of the gestational time line) and was discovered by Robert St. John in the late 1930’s giving mankind a phenomenal gift.

The journey through this process strips away all your illusions and allows you to see situations in your life from a whole new perspective helping you empower yourself, by taking responsibility and credit for your own healing and growth. It is such an extraordinary experience knowing that every action and reaction has a ripple effect, so affecting change within yourself can only affect change in everything around you.  This brings about freedom in every area of your life as you release generational (inherited in your DNA) as well as personal stresses and traumas that may affect you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and behaviorally.

Metamorphosis is a powerful yet non-invasive touch therapy.  It permanently removes any and all events stored subconsciously at cellular level and it’s safe and effective at any age. 

Despite general fear of change and growth, collectively as well as personally Metamorphosis enables you to grow beyond your history.  History or memory is not only what we perceive to be our memory (the mind) but also physical or sub-conscious (cell memory).  This memory is the memory that we are unaware of because we’ve inherited it, as far back as 7 generations.  Consider the experiences in your blood line, then consider your life, now, consider how much of that is evident in your own life when patterns reveal themselves as “out of character” behavior for yourself.  It really is amazing when you understand that all our history influences our lives everyday.

Choosing Metamorphosis is choosing freedom from pain, illness and imbalances.  Metamorphosis assists you to gently shifting your body, mind and emotions back into balance and clarity and in touch with your Unconditioned Self once again. The freedom of true health and happiness is your birthright. It is a transformational process you can take responsibility for bringing about in your own life.


Metamorphosis works on the gestational points of the hands, the feet, the head and the back, as well as the ears (you inutero).  Gently simulating these areas activates the phenomenal healing process. 

Although there are various similarities, the journey differs for everyone, yet the results are always the same – complete healing and personal freedom.  As you embark on this journey of you no longer need to accept responsibility for “stuff” that does not belong to you and are able to focus on your own.

Love yourself enough to make the changes you need to make, to be the best  you that you can be. 


“ I am willing to change and grow” By Louise Hay


I am willing to learn new things because I know that I do not know it all.

I am willing to drop old concepts when they no longer work for me.

I am willing to see situations about myself and say: I can change that and do better

I know I can become more of who I am – not a better person…….

But I can become more of who I am.

Growing and changing is exciting, even if I have to look at some painful things inside myself in order to do it.


May this reach all those that it is meant to reach and May you and your loved ones be blessed with much unconditional love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.


Brightest Blessings to you and yours.

Author - Opal-Jazmine Dodkins

Published - 2013-04-03