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Vibromuscular  Harmonization

"the gentle touch

Vibromuscular Harmonization is a holistic, gentle, non-invasive technique used to rebalance , re-align and relax the whole body. It is based on the philosophy that, given the right prompting, the body will return to a natural state of well being. Vibromuscular Harmonization is used to relieve a wide range of problems including neck ache, backache, sciatica, shoulder, arm and wrist pain, tight hamstrings, stiff knees and sports related injuries. Headache, migraine, hay fever, sinusitis, respiratory and digestive problems also respond well. Because Vibromuscular Harmonization balances and relaxes the whole body, it is useful for preventing sports injuries as well as relieving muscle tension after a hard work out.

Treatment takes about 45 minutes. Gentle pressure is applied, using fingers and thumbs, in a series of vibratory moves over specific points of the body. The treatment is deeply relaxing and most people experience immediate pain relief. Furthermore, because Vibromuscular Harmonization triggers the body's own self-healing mechanisms, the body continues to respond to the treatment for several days and even weeks afterwards. Often one treatment is sufficient to bring long lasting pain relief-however two or three treatments a week apart are usually recommended.

Vibromuscular Harmonization sometimes initiates a detox reaction, and where toxin levels are high this can cause some initial ill effects such as headache, dizziness, dark urine, body odour and bad breath. This is a positive response, as it indicates that the body is cleansing itself as part of the healing process. You can alleviate the symptoms and hasten the process by drinking plenty of water to flush the toxins out of your system. Taking a 15 minute walk in the fresh air, and ensuring that you have a good nights rest will also help.




It should be appreciated that whilst amazing results have been achieved using Vibromuscular Harmonization, it cannot heal broken bones or cure severe illness - you should discuss these health problems with your general health practitioner.

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