Howick based Gaia Centre attracts a student from Ghana

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Howick based Gaia Centre attracts a student from Ghana

April 2013

Richard Armah is by no means an ordinary man. He is a man with a heart and he means business. So much so that his commitment and dedication to helping the children in his orphanage in Ghana, that he travelled all the way to South Africa to seek help.

And he was not looking for a `hand out’ but a hand up. After much research and through word of mouth referrals, Richard found himself flying to South Africa and taking up Reiki training at The Gaia Centre in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal.

Richards’s goal for learning Reiki – to help the children! New to a world of natural healing, Richard’s profound belief that there are other ways to help human beings be the best that they can be, he researched his options and discovered that Reiki was a natural, non intrusive way of healing.

He contacted Hayley Rautenbach from The Gaia Centre Holistic School and after receiving Richards email request to learn, Hayley sent him information on how the course runs, what it entails and length and times. Hayley offered a one on one class, 100% dedicated to Richard. His story is an interesting one.
Before long Richard arrived in South Africa for the first time on his spiritual journey! From Pretoria he caught a bus to Howick, not knowing anyone in South Africa, and uncertain of whom to trust, he later tells me how scared he was as people in South Africa are not known to be as friendly as in Ghana. Scared and uncertain in a foreign country, Richard found his way and arrived over an hour early for his lessons. Hayley and her husband Myke prepared him some tea and breakfast and heard Richard’s story. This made Hayley even more determined to impart as much information and teachings as she could to help learning of Richards’s orphanage and the children he cares for and how difficult it is to run and get sponsorships in Ghana.

So after a very long day of teachings, Richard now overwhelmed with information, said he needed to rest! His interest in crystals was childlike and awe inspiring, as he had not seen any crystals before. Hayley taught him the basics of crystal healing and their healing properties as well as tools to assist and motivate a sad or unwell mind. She then took him to a local nursery to buy a big bag of rose quartz crystals as a gift to take home to his children, and then off to a crystal shop, the first one he had been to in his life! His enthusiasm and love for crystals is so great he wishes to open a crystal shop in Ghana, in his words below:

“I plan to open a crystal shop in Ghana to share with many Ghanaians the wonderful benefits of crystals. I really love crystals so I became very happy when you gave me those Rose quartz and also took me to the crystal shop to see many different crystals for the first time in my life. I have always seen them on the internet but never in real life. Thanks for that opportunity.”

“I am also grateful for the deeper knowledge you transmitted to me about the chakras and the aura. You broadened my understanding of what energy is all about and I’m very grateful for that. I am mostly grateful for your time, patience and energy for teaching me about Reiki and attuning me to that wonderful energy so that I may help my children back home in the orphanage. My regards to your husband. And don't forget to say Hi to the dogs and monkeys for me.”
Hayley expresses she is truly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and teach such an inspiring young man with so much love. She has offered her time and teachings to continue his Reiki studies, via email and Skype, as a gift to him and his children at the orphanage.

Now it’s not often that you hear of such a beautiful story. The Gaia Centre wishes Richard and his children peace and health.


Author - Hayley Rautenbach

Published - 2013-04-24