Limit Not Your Love

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Limit Not Your Love


Allow it to flow as the wind, as the sunshine, as the water.

Allow the myriad expression of its joy, its laughter, its passion, its depth, its silence, its tenderness...

For in all its forms it is the key to the secret wisdom of life.

And the more you will know, the more you will seek, the deeper you will search, the more love will be your guide.


Limit not your love

Know that each day the sun lights the earth, each day night you gaze up into the eternal sky, know that there are countless moments for the experience of love.

Some may be for the journey of a lifetime.

Some for a fleeting moment that flares in your heart.

Some may flower, then sleep in the dark to be wakened again as its seeds break the earth.


Limit not your love

For the cage of fear will hold your heart closed.

And its throbbing, its pulsation, its force, its life, its voice, its touch may be no more than a feeble echo of its power.


Limit not your love

It has desire to own none, nor to be owned.

In the way that the force of a wave or the flame of a fire cannot be owned, for in that moment it dies.

The essence of love is in the moment of sweet awareness, and in its freedom it may flourish, expand.


Limit not your love

In its freedom to roam it will share many aspects, moments of subtlety and nuance so delicate, moments of raging fire and silence that speaks the truth of your soul.

It will guide you on secret paths, taking you into the mystery spaces.

For here, with awareness, with consciousness, you see your self, more of your self revealed, and yet more again.


Limit not your love

Walk with open heart, open eyes, open soul, walk beyond judgement for you know not when love offers itself, nor in what manner.


Limit not your love

For your strength, your power, your truth is in your openness, in your vulnerability.


Limit not your love

This is the space for the artist, for the poet.

Here you create, re-create yourself, anew and anew.

Here you sing your song, here your heart speaks, here you share your dreams.


Limit not your love

As it wanders, as it travels the currents of sensing, feeling, sharing, it grows, it develops, it expands.

It returns richer, more textured in understanding.

The threads of the web it weaves, the web you weave, the web you are woven into, become brighter. The stories they tell are filled with adventure, with passion, with yearning and desire.


Limit not your love

As it takes you to landscapes unknown, to places dark and deep, to places high where the air is thin and rare, places where the ground is hidden, unfamiliar, where each step knows not what's beneath it.

When love is your guide, the light is within you, is you. It is your constant, your companion.

And the darkness fades.


Limit not your love

For the pool of reflection that surrounds you brings you to yourself, stripped and bare.

It takes your armour, it takes your mask, it takes your weapons. It crushes you, scrapes you, bleeds you.

And then, if you allow, it cleanses you to be born anew.


Limit not your love

Know this, and know it well.

This is the space where your heart breaks.

This is where you cry your tears.

But know this too.

This breaking opens you to love yet more, share yet more.

For this breaking, this shattering, exposes you, teaches you tenderness, allows more to be revealed.

And each time the wave of love smashes you on the ancient rocks, you love again, and you love more. For this is purpose, this is the essence of the human spirit.


Limit not your love

This is sacred ground.

You grow, you expand, you explore, you heal.

In this, love is an act of worship.

For this expression of love is an expression of Spirit, that which dwells within you, that which dwells beyond you.

This is the place of union, of connection, of the manifestation of the energy into being.

In this you become the God emerging, the Goddess into being.

When you can look through eyes that see more of the light, eyes that see what your spirit sees, love is only joy, love is only moments of dancing with another, walking a path that may be a life or few paces.


Limit not your love

Seek yourself in love.

Seek yourself in those who journey with you.

Seek yourself in your silence and in your song.

Limit not your love...

Author - Jonti Searll

Published - 2013-04-29