The Pleasure We Fear

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Last year at Sexpo we did a mild 50 Shades bondage demo. The women who offered to be models for this came from a wide range of backgrounds, relationships and sexual experiences.
As part of the preparation for the experience I asked all of them what scared them most about it.
They all said the same thing.
They were scared they were going to enjoy it.

As part of the healing journey with men it's important that I share some bodywork experiences with them.
This creates a deep discomfort for them, particularly when it comes to some of the pleasure-based experiences.
There is a fear they're going to enjoy it.

Many people are terrified of many of the pleasure experiences.
We're scared we're going to enjoy them.

We're scared of our passion.
We're scared of our vitality.
We're scared of our pleasure.
We're scared of the fire that rages within us.
We're scared of going beyond what we believe.
We're scared of revealing ourselves.
We're scared of seeing deep into ourselves, and into others.

We're scared of pleasure.
We're scared of where it may take us.
We're scared of its power.
Because we know its linked to our soul.

For generations, hundreds of years, we've lived with repression.
We've been taught that that's the way to live.
That our power is in pushing our desires down, suppressing, repressing, hiding, darkening, judging...
And the more we do this, the more we separate from our soul.

For our soul, the soul that links us to God, The Goddess, Source, Spirit...
This soul is a soul of celebration, of joy, of creation, of happiness, of laughter, of shimmering beauty and the expression of every aspect, the manifestation in our lives of this energy.

Our world is a testimony to the mediocrity and the repression that that represents.
We see it in our lives, our relationships, our wars, our poverty, our leaders, our entertainment, lack of creativity, our art...

But this soul, this soul, this scared energy that dwells somewhere within us, around us, this soul longs for expression.

And when we allow this soul out it can turn our lives, our world upside down.
Because it brings up the question 'Where is our love, where is our joy?'
We come face to face with this in a very real way. Not as an ethereal, quasi-spiritual shoowah question.
But in this reality we wake up in every day, this reality we are creating, co-creating.

There are many possible expressions of this joy and celebration in our lives, many ways for the soul to shine through, to show itself in our lives, to bring its vibration into the world.
We've chosen the path of sensuality, of sexual energy, of Conscious Pleasure.

We have to go beyond our fears for this.
We have to go beyond our judgements for this.
We have to go beyond our limitations for this.

We have to go to a place where our soul is.
And our bodies, designed in the image of, a representation of, are a doorway to the soul.
Sensuousness, Sensual Energy is a language of the soul.

I invite you to stop fearing your soul.
I invite you to stop fearing who you are.
I invite you to stop fearing pleasure.

It's important to know this.
There's a purpose to this pleasure.
There's a purpose to this soul stuff.

Every time we allow an experience beyond our limitations.
Every time we push a boundary that allows us to see more, be more, feel more than the narrow vision we generally hold, every time we do this, we put something out into the world.
We put a possibility out.
We put an invitation out.
We put an actual energy out.
We change a frequency.
This makes it possible for somebody else to experience this.
Maybe not what exactly the experience we had.
But something that is pleasurable.
And pleasure has greater transformational power than anything other force.

And even if you have no belief or interest in the transformational power and possibility, just for a moment have a belief in your own soul.
And its desire to talk to you, to live in you, to live through you.
And allow yourself to live with less fear, more pleasure, more happiness, more joy, more love, more celebration...

Author - Jonti Searll

Published - 2013-05-18