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The Warrior Awakening


I’d like to share a moment from my week with you; a moment of beauty and power, a moment of realization, a moment of becoming. Many of the people who come to see us, do so from the understanding that our sexual energy is a source of extreme power; a power that can be used for healing and growth in every aspect of our lives.

This goes beyond purely sexual issues. Many of the people I’m working with at the moment are using this energy to clear the blockages and patterns of the past in order to make different life choices and to create lives of greater meaning, joy and fulfilment. Part of this journey for men and women is awakening the warrior within. Many of us have lost our connection to this energy, to what it means to live as a warrior, and how to manifest the power of this in our lives.

So, I sat with a man on a journey. At the beginning of the journey we spoke about the importance of awakening this warrior within. Firstly, and most importantly for himself, and secondly for his relationship. He acknowledged that he had no real idea what this warrior was, who this warrior was. My reply was that it would awaken and unfold as we travelled on this journey of healing and growth. In a session this week, he spoke about some of the things he had done differently, and how, for the first time in so long, in fact so long that he couldn’t remember when he had done it before, he expressed himself, stating clearly what he wanted. This was in the context of giving himself a gift, and the extension, giving his partner support, in a way he’d never been albe to do before. I looked at him, I felt an amazing silence from the space, a silence that surrounds a moment of revelation, a silence that allows your soul to speak, and in this silence was the understanding that he had expressed an aspect of the warrior within. There were tears in his eyes at the acknowledgment of what he had done, and who he was becoming.

So, who is this warrior?

You step onto the path of healing and growth, the path that leaves the past behind, the path that fills you with the present, the path that leads to life fulfilment, you become a warrior of the heart, a warrior of spirit.

The warrior looks into the mirror.

The warrior looks deep into the mirror.

The warrior sees beyond the mists of illusion, and as hard as it is to look deeply into ourselves, the warriors gaze is firm, as the layers of who we’ve become fall away, more of who we truly are, is revealed. In the acknowledgment of who we are, is the door of possibility to becoming the highest we are.

The warrior is in the rhythm of life, for the warrior knows when to stand firm and when to bend with the wind.

The warrior knows when there needs be silence, and when his words need to ring out.

The warrior knows, yes the warrior knows, when the day for battle dawns, and when there is a day to yield.

The warrior knows that to go within, deep within, is to go into the heights of beyond. The warrior knows that the ability to create a life is balanced by the power to destroy.

The warrior is a state of being, a state of mind, a state of becoming. This is the rhythm of life, the rhythm with which the warrior dances.


This is what the journey of conscious sexuality offers you.

I am humbled and honoured to share this space with you.


Author - Jonti Searll

Published - 2013-06-01