Boji Stone: Balance, Align and Clear.

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Boji Stone: Balance, Align and Clear

The Master Crystal Deva: Urantel

“Just as the sky receives the Sun and a day is born, I have come to rise in your heart and open the door of rebirth.  Step into my white purity and hold the rose, I will unite the healing paths within you, a step to freedom.

Feel the tears of a mortal life fall as crystals to the Earth, let them burden you no more.  Sink Deep into the Earth and feel the loving touch caress you; allow her breath and pulse to become your own as you integrate the loving stability. This is the movement of the physical body into ascension that I represent.  I deliver and activate Earth’s ascended frequency and will balance, clear, cleanse and Align you, take my hand.

Wear my blessing for the world to see, in glorious service it will shine and our mutual work will turn to stone permanently living through the ages.  Choose now the only path available to you, your Intention to live as perfection.”


Boji Stone in Healing:

Boji Stone is usually a metallic Brown-Black combination of minerals that form in a disk-like spherical shape.  A Boji Stone that holds Feminine Energy is generally smoother, while the Masculine Energy is held in more prominent square crystal structures.  The information that follows applies to working with the Boji Stones in pairs.  Boji Stones holds some of the most gentle and refined grounding energies available.  It’s a stone of integration, bringing all parts back together in unity, balancing and healing as this integration occurs.  It’s an excellent stone to bring about balance within the complexities of human dependency on either Masculine / Feminine energies, mental / emotional, as well as spiritual and teachers one how to remain in that state of harmony. It is said that Boji Stone is unique in the results it produces in healing.  It has a holistic approach as it clears all the bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical), the complete chakra system and acupuncture meridian points releasing any blockages, allowing the energy to flow as it should.

Physically, Boji is effective in pain relief, tissue damage, as well as taking one to the cause of any dis-ease the physical body may be experiencing.

Boji is associated to the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, Archangel Gabriel and when accessing its grounding wisdom can be used to communicate with Plants, Animals and the Devic Kingdom.


Your Healing Journey Today:

Today Boji says it’s time to take a break.  Being hooked in by the chaos around you, you are allowing yourself to loose a healthy balance.  Call on the energy of the Boji and allow it to encircle and embrace you in the coming days which will bring about great healing.  As the energy rises, allow whatever comes to the surface to flow without attachment and changes will occur. 

Oftentimes, you’ll receive an aid in the simplest of forms that the Boji will send to you (in form of tea with a friend) assisting in the profound changes and healing that takes place.

As Boji Stone brings about balance, you may be presented with issues relating to the influence of either of your parents, creating an opportunity for you to evaluate the male / female aspects of yourself that potentially need to be looked at.

The powerful grounding energy of the Boji Stone asks that you commune with nature, laying on your back for 10 minutes calling in this powerful energy to flow through you to bring about great healing.



“The Earth is my Healer .”

Animal Totem:


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May this reading reach all those that it is meant to reach and may you all be blessed with much love, laughter, health, wisdom and wealth.

Blessed Be.

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(Interpretation by Opal-Jazmine of Liquid Crystal Oracle Cards by Justin Moikeha Asar.)

Author - Opal-Jazmine

Published - 2013-07-30