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By Christine Hardy


In January 2012 I posted a news letter about teaching Life Alignment to people with disabilities.
I am a practitioner and teacher living in Durban South Africa. I introduced life Alignment to Mauritius in October 2010. I first met Avinash when he came to me for a Life Alignment healing session; he was referred to me by Dr Gyaram in Mauritius.

Avinash has faced such enormous lifelong challenges that I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of his struggles. I hope his story will inspire and motivate you when you are faced with your own personal challenges. His story may also encourage others with disabilities to empower themselves with the help of Life Alignment.

Avinash now 40 years of age, has had to come to terms with the effects of cerebral paralysis that left him completely paralyzed at the age of 6. Unable to walk, talk or move he wasn’t able to attend school. Slowly he started to partially recover with the love and support of his family and no medication.

He finally returned to school when he was 10 years old. Avinash hadn’t fully recovered but could walk with a frame. He was unable to speak coherently. He could have chosen to go to a special school for children with learning disabilities but instead he begged his mother to send him to a normal school and he was accepted.

Despite losing 4 years of education he managed to pass primary education with a good grade. Avinash then went on to college and completed long distance courses. He obtained numerous diplomas. In 1998 he had been awarded a diploma in the field of Accounting In Business & Management with the grade of High Merit from Cambridge Tutorial College. Two years later he obtained another two diplomas in the field of Computers In Business and Management with the grade of Merit & Selling For Profit in Business with the grade of Distinction from the same Institution. He then decided to profound his knowledge even more. He studied Microsoft Office Professional with International Correspondence Schools Of Glasgow, United Kingdom. In 2002 he had been awarded a diploma in this field, Microsoft Office Professional Of International Correspondence Schools of Glasgow, UK.

Avinash is able to open his hands partially and he can manage to hold a pen and write. We found a way for him to partake in learning the Life Alignment technique and to date he is has completed Body Spin and Module 1.

He has recently presented his case studies on remote healing that he does for his family and friends. He does this using a body chart and peoples hand writing. Avinash communicates his healing sessions via email as it is not easy for him to speak coherently.
Bravo Avinash for your determination and congratulations on receiving your Body Spin certificate!


Author - Christine Hardy

Published - 2013-08-06