Sapphire: Spiritual Truth

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Spiritual Sapphire

Sapphire: Spiritual Truth

(Interpretation by Opal-Jazmine of Liquid Crystal Oracle Cards by Justin Moikeha Asar.)

The Master Crystal Deva: Nun-el

“See the sun dance on the ocean; allow my presence to descend from the blue sky above.  Now feel my open arms hold you, all will be replaced by your own solar angelic essence, blinding in its Glory.  A Vision of Truth realized.

Listen to the Solar Angel speak, it is the unencumbered you in all your glory.  Trust in my blue ray embrace and enter truth, peace and calm, it is the total of my world, I know no different.  I am the blue light of the evening sky, dance with me and we will deepen the faith in your spirit.

Arise from my liquid light embrace, lift like a wave on the ocean and seek the shore of eternity to release, in a blinding blue flash, the ultimate truth of unity, peace and love for all.”

Sapphire in Healing:

Enabling one to feel free, Sapphire carries the most calming and peaceful energies.  One of the ancient Council of Seven crystals from Lemuria, sacred is various cultures throughout the world, Sapphire holds all the blues of the great oceans, from the darkest to the lightest.

The master stone of communication on all levels, from channeling to speaking ones own truth to self and others. 

It serves as a powerful anti-depressant, calming the mind and bringing about peace, allowing one to see the beauty within, re-connecting to spirit, bringing about upliftment and the feeling of freedom.

Converting Knowledge to Wisdom through greater connection to spirit, Sapphire aids in anchoring egoless truth that is absolute.

Working with this stone may assist in opening the necessary pathways and revealing one’s life purpose.

Powerful beings of light such as Isis, Lady Nada, Lord Maitreya, Artemis, Poseidon and Nun all associated with the beautiful frequency of this stone.

Balancing over active physical systems, Sapphire has an affinity for healing veins, strengthening and healing ailments of the eyes as well as aiding in mental and digestive imbalances.

Sapphire has the ability to hold information with regards to healing systems and ancient techniques.


Your Healing Journey Today:

Sapphire reminds us to completely honest.  Speak your truth with yourself and others, lovingly and gently.  “Love as a thought is truth; truth at the level of spirits is unconditional love, the very presence of the infinite self” (Justin Moikeha Asar).  You cannot give what you don’t have, therefore, if you maintain integrity with yourself, you’ll always come from integrity when dealing with your surrounding world. 

Sapphire’s presence today says that you have worked hard to gain knowledge and now is the time to convert it to wisdom.  This can only be achieved by practical application and action through the release of ego and the embrace of spirit.  Meditate, listen to your intuition and follow your guidance.

Spend time near rivers, the ocean or waterfalls for cleansing on every level. 



“In Truth, I AM Free. .”

Animal Totem:


Essential Oil:

German Chamomile

May this reading reach all those that it is meant to reach and may you all be blessed with much love, laughter, health, wisdom and wealth.

Blessed Be.


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Author - Opal-Jazmine

Published - 2013-08-14