Peridot: The Bringer of Joy

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Peridot: The Bringer of Joy


Interpretation by Opal-Jazmine of Liquid Crystal Oracle Cards by Justin Moikeha Asar


The Master Crystal Deva: Eriel

“Embrace me, I have waited for you patiently in the halls of Thoth where your return is written in stone, cast in time eternal.  Breathe and let our shared life force flow through you.  You and I are about to enter a space of Joy, so you may shine like the Solar sun from which you originate.

Hand in hand, let us ignite you and spread the light by your realised glow.  Allow you state of being to enter Joy Unconditional and others will follow.  In my presence, disease is a thing of the past, there is only happiness, let it become the basis of your creative avenue.

I bless the gift that you are, the fire of Earth burns in me and will be released into joyful creation at your asking.  The planetary song echoes your journey, let us return to a single light.  I await your calling.”

Peridot in Healing:

Peridot incorporates two rays of healing.  The yellow fires of Creativity, vitality and Personal Power, gently balanced with the green ray of love and healing. Known as the “Bringer of Joy”, this volcanic stone has a powerful uplifting effect on the psyche. Peridot teaches us to accept the cycles of life, enabling the release of the past while stimulating inspiration, trust of self, self love and forgiveness, ultimately leading to Joy and Happiness. Used on the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, it relieves Depression, Stress, anger and Jealousy, stimulating the mind into action. A lovingly, powerful stone, it aids in the development of psychic abilities and opens those with limited perceptions about the world to new expressions and possibilities. A sacred and loved stone by Cleopatra, this stone enables connection to her divine energy and wisdom.  It has been mentioned in various ancient texts and used in various ancient cultures as powerful magical tool. Peridot is connected to The Lady Nada, Master Paul the Venetian, the Egyptian Goddess Maat and the Ascended Master Sananda. Peridot balances the Digestive and Endocrine Systems of the body and is exceptionally useful during childbirth with the ability to accelerate the birthing process.

Your Healing Journey Today:

YES!  That’s the answer to every question currently present in your mind.  Peridot shines the positive energy of Optimism and love into every area of your life, while releasing any negativity with regards to belief in yourself.  This beautiful stone represents the process of Rebirth, indicating that a part of yourself no longer serves your greatest good and should now be released and healed.  Take back and embrace your personal power and allow it to shine through your heart chakra.  It’s time to forgive all those events of the past and embrace the cycles of life ahead, venturing into a brighter, healthier, happier way of life.  Focus on all that you have to be grateful for, write in a gratitude journal and list all those things you are happy about.  Focus on the gifts you have.


“I Embrace Personal Power and Love as One”

“I Burn the Green Fire of Joy in my Heart.”

Animal Totem:

Honey Eater Bird

Essential Oil:


May this reading reach all those that it is meant to reach and may you all be blessed with much love, laughter, health, wisdom and wealth.

With love and magical blessings.

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Author - Opal-Jazmine

Published - 2013-08-26