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Feng Shui is the art of designing space for the sole purpose of creating a harmonious environment for the success of the occupants and a peaceful retreat to replenish and nourish our souls.

Shui Tips - Practical Feng Shui For Modern Living


Everyone can benefit from feng shui. Firstly it makes a space beautiful and If you are experiencing difficulties with your business, income generation, staff relationships or personal relationships at home, applying feng shui principles will help change the situation for the better. If you are building a home or an office block it is worth checking with the principles of feng shui to see if the site is suitable, that the building will face a direction suitable for you and where to place various rooms depending on their function. To note where doors and windows are best situated for maximum light efficiency and energy flow and where to place water features such as pools and fountains. It is important to know where there is geopathic stress so one does not inadvertently sit or sleep in it. A building that has been built using the benefits of feng shui principles is aligned with the earth s energies and this helps to gain maximum benefit for the occupants of the building.

Many overseas businessmen and companies have employed these principles to their advantage, people such as Richard Branson, Donald Trump and British Airways. All report drastic jumps in company profits due to feng shui.


- It is for the home or office.
- Feng shui principles help increase profitability in businesses.
- Employing the principles sorts out staff difficulties by making the environment more conducive to good relationships.
- Your home influences what happens at work, so to harmonize your home will increase your productivity and income.
- It can change relationships in the family, with children, partners, husbands and wives for the better.


Author - Body and Mind

Published - 2013-01-21