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We can survive almost one month without food - but probably will die after just one week without water. Our body consists of more than 60% water, which supports every function of our body! Part of this process is the transformation of our food into blood, bone and muscle. But it also keeps all our organs and tissues lubricated. It regulates the body’s temperature, dissolves body waste products and flushes out toxins.

Our brain consists of 70% Water… If our body is not supplied with sufficient water, the brain will not work well. Maybe these are common signs for you:


Impaired memory, concentration difficulties, headaches, constipation...

   Beneffits     Benefits of Tissue Salts

...or a greasy shine on top of your lid, watery or dry eyes, big porer?

Then you most probably are deficient of Tissue Salt # 9 Natrium muriaticum!

Tissue Salt # 9 Natrium muriaticum is our water distributor, with a deficiency one cannot absorb the water intake into the places in need. Therefore drinking lots of water – even necessary – is not appropriate. The danger of flushing out many minerals from our system and creating an even bigger deficiency is given. I hear often from clients and students, about their daily drinking habit of several liters of water, with the only effect that they have to run to the toilet all the time... the body can’t absorb the water because of the mineral depletion.


How can one get deficient of this important mineral in the cells?


If you love salty food and/or drink lots of strong and sweet fluids, like coffee, tea, alcohol, Coke, fizzy drinks, the body own fluid will be used up in order to dilute and assimilate this – you are getting dehydrated. Did you know, that:


One single glass of Coke needs 32 ! glasses of water

just to balance the fluid in the body!!!


If you want to know more about this unhealthy drinks and what they can cause in your body, please read here:



Eight glasses of water a day?

Honestly, this formula can’t really work for a 100 kg Rugby player and a 40 kg petite woman, isn’t it? The Tibetans are using good advice in order to calculate an adequate amount of the daily water intake: 3 x your body weight, i.e. 60 Kilo x 3 = 1,8 liter and this represents just the minimum daily water consumption and only includes pure water.


Yours Eva F. Schoenfeld www.atifa.co.za

Author - Eva F. Schoenfeld

Published - 2013-09-11