What are Tissue Salts and their benefits?

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Tissue Salts

Biochemical Tissue Salts & Facial Analysis


What are Tissue Salts?
The complementary Tissue Salts are minerals, found in rock and soils and have been discovered more than 130 years ago by the German GP Dr WH Schuessler. He called his discovery Biochemistry. Tissue Salts are the building material of our body and act as working and functioning agents in our cells. If we get depleted due to stress, wrong nutrition, lifestyle etc, the body is not able to do the needed daily work and will slow down the metabolism.
Possible effects: acidity, obesity, tiredness, impure skin, headaches, constipation, lack of vitality, brittle nails, dandruff and many more...

How do they work?
When we treat disturbances with Tissue Salts we are working with the cause (!) - not with the symptom - and this is the crucial difference to chemical drugs.
At a very early stage (often before medical science can detect) we can see the mineral deficiency in the face via a Facial Analysis.


Just a simple example
Having an electrical cable on the floor (almost everybody has it) behind the bed is building up an electromagnetic field and this is using up the working agent in the cells (No 5 Kalium muriaticum) and as a result the glands are not able to detox properly.
This deficiency will show in the face: as a bluish to purple discoloration, spider bursts and medium hard (not to be squeezed) pimples.
Physical: circulation issues, white mucous, coughing, gluten intolerance, cystitis, ingrown toenails, rashes etc.

Where to get Tissue Salts?
ATIFA is the only place in (Southern) Africa where all 27 Tissue Salts as powder are available. Mainly the higher numbers 13-27 allow us to better confront our needs of today, where the basic numbers 1-12 are addressing basic necessities. But you also can buy the non-expensive 12 Tissue Salts in Pharmacies and health shops as tablets.

Please note
Tissue Salts are not replacing any medication. ATIFA endorses the use of the biochemical Tissue Salts in a supportive, health-enhancing capacity and there is no intention on our website or in our courses to prescribe or replace medical treatment.

Our courses

Learn in our courses (Level 1 (no 1-12), Level 2 (No 13-27), Level 3 Psychosomatics about Biochemistry and how to maintain health and prevent disturbances. We are educating people about all the medium things in life causing mineral deficiencies, if one doesn't know the cause of the disturbance in the body, one will not be able to avoid it.







Yours Eva F. Schoenfeld - www.atifa.co.za

Author - Eva F. Schoenfeld

Published - 2013-09-11