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Space Clearing

Written by Alison Vickerman

I was taught that the 1 September was the first day of spring, which always meant some rather healthy and lengthy spring-cleaning of our physical environment.  Yikes... that also meant a lot of work to come. However, once you got started and moved into that flow, it felt pretty good and self-satisfying.

The importance of cleansing your energetic self and environment was never taught to me and yet this plays a vital role in our life force. It is with this article that one hopes to share this essential practice, providing all with the opportunity to do something different, welcoming new results.

As we clean our physical space (that tangible extension of our self) or physical bodies, so too should we look at our etheric body or energy in a physical space.
Homes and bodies are not just made of purely physical matter; they also vibrate with subtle invisible energy, which requires an energetic spring clean from time to time. As you would vacuum, dust, clean your home or take showers, baths or detox your body so too would you energetically spring-clean your home or take an energetic cleansing shower.

Energy is everything and everywhere around us. As we interact with our environment or others we are picking up on this energy whether positive or negative. Even as positive as we can be daily, sometimes just being around someone that is negative has an effect on what we do, hence the energy that we send out to the universe and start to attract.  The law of magnetism/attraction states that what we send out is what we attract. If we are constantly bombarded with negative energies and do nothing to cancel them out, we end up becoming a magnet for this same energy. We end up bringing that energy into our etheric bodies and environment.

Many traditions from all over the globe subscribe to the use of cleansing products, rituals, herbs, crystals, sound, colour or symbols  to help clean the energy. We all know that every herb, crystal or sound etc has its own properties and influences that are used for certain purpose.

As we deal with negative energies that can affect our day to day lives one may start or begin the clearing of these energies from the etheric body. This is a practice that can be done daily.

A few helpful hints for the clearing of negative energy would be,

Relaxing in a hot Salted Bath (Coarse sea salt available at any convenient store)

White candle (where there is light may there be no darkness)

Soft soothing music (something to stir the soul)

Suitable incense stick (I like to use Spiritual Guide or frankincense)

While you are bathing, imagine that you are cleansing away all impurities from your body and soul. As the water runs out of the bath, visualize all those impurities draining away from you. Ensure that your bath is well salted – 2 cups depending on your bath size. You can also use this opportunity to write down any negative thoughts that you would like to burn away during your cleansing ritual.

Negative energies in our home, brought in from others, life circumstances or situations, even our own thoughts require some energetic cleansing. There are many different rituals available; it is important to find one that resonates with your inner being.

I like to use a technique called smudging which is the burning of sacred herbs.

South African Sage, also known to some as Imphepo, is an exclusive and traditional herb, found only in South Africa. It is used to cleanse and protect whilst allowing you to connect to your spirit guides and angels with ease.

1. Dried white sage (in bulk or bundled together as an herbal wand)
2. 1 large black or dark Feather
3. 1 white candle

Light the dried white sage and just before you bring it to a smouldering smoke, take this opportunity to burn any negative intentions or thoughts that you might have written down.

Focus your intention and hold it clearly in your mind – any action undertaken with intention and belief can become a potent ritual.

Beginning with you, take up the herbal white sage in one hand, waving the smoke first around your head area. Next wave the smoke down your entire body, along your extended arms, down each leg and underneath each foot. It is thought that the smoke clears the body’s energetic aura of impurities, “trapping” them in the fumigation and taking the negative energies heavenward to be released or recycled.

Next, smudge your home, starting in the room you consider to be the hub. For many this is the kitchen, whilst for others this may be the office or living room. Carrying the smouldering herb in one hand and a feather in the other, gently stroke the smudge using your feather as your wand, walking clockwise around each room. Use the feather to fan the smouldering sage smoke throughout including the corners and closets. Pay special attention to corners or places where negative energy can become stagnated.

Using your voice with intention asking all negative energies to leave and affirming that this space is only used for the highest and best.

Custom dictates that one leave a door or window open whilst performing this type of cleansing, so that the negative energy has somewhere to go or a way to get out.

When you have completed your smudging ritual light a white candle to affirm the release and clearing of negative energy from yourself and your home. Visualize purifying white light permeating your home and sealing it as cleansed. Working with an affirmation is most beneficial, one as simple as “I surround and seal myself and my home in a golden armor of silver light.” Thus completing the cleansing process.

It is important to understand the significance of Spiritual Cleansing, cleansing of one’s self and their environment. This act, in my belief, is a true act of self-empowerment, allowing one to take responsibility for their well-being.  As one cleanses on a spiritual level to remove negative energies from their Etheric body (aura), a new spiritual existence begins to take place.

Author - Alison Vickerman

Published - 2013-09-17