5 Good Reasons why you should go on a Yoga Retreat

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5 Good Reasons why you should go on a Yoga Retreat

1.  To beat stress

You need to take time to relax and evacuate the stress accumulated over years of giving it all and not taking time for yourself. Stress is a modern age expression that explains the body and mind reactions towards too much pressure at work or at home.  It can be manifested in several ways, illness, depression, pressure in the upper part of the body such as shoulders and neck, anxiety...  and more. During a Yoga Retreat you will take this well-deserved time for yourself and learn techniques to manage your stress daily and in return, live a more balanced and happy life, hopefully stress-free!  

2. To become aware of yourself and make better decisions in your life

If you are stuck in your life somehow, going on a Yoga Retreat can help you gain perspective.  It has been proven that when we are away from home and our problems, we can see our life from a different angle and so we can approach our problems differently and more effectively.   As you reconnect back with your inner self you will be able to get clear on your real values, passions and desires. Coming into alignment with who you really are facilitates and strengthens the healing process  

3. To experience the practice of yoga in new and beautiful settings

Doing Yoga indoors is nice, but experiencing Yoga among nature is even better.  We don't always have time for Sun Rise or Sunset Yoga and where better than in a Peaceful Game Lodge surrounded by wild animals, or on a deserted beach, or even in a different and exciting country?  Travel and discover new countries at the same time!

4. To indulgently focus on your yoga practice. (Or begin your yoga practice)

If you already love yoga, then what better opportunity to practice every day! If you've never done yoga before, a Retreat is a great place to start.  

5. To rest

 When you get to surrender all the everyday stuff like commuting and work you will be able to focus on letting go and relaxing. A retreat schedule is all about yoga, relaxing and eating healthy delicious food. You get to let go for the time you are there. Your biggest worry might be if you can fit another nap in your day. You will be able to contemplate, go for walks, recalibrate yourself and recharge. Who doesn't need that?

Author - Patricia Piper

Published - 2013-09-30