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“I feel lighter, more peaceful.”
“My LifeSound makes me feel calm.”
“My hand and arm muscle spasms have relaxed.”
“I’m no longer depressed.”
“I don’t feel as stressed as usual.”
“I sleep better and feel more like my old self.”
“My eyes are focussing better.”
“I felt really sick and the LifeSound made me feel better.”
“My bladder infection disappeared.”
 “I don’t have a chest infection any more.”
 “I can actually feel something changing in my eyes when I listen.”
 “My appetite is normal again.”
 “I don’t crave carbs anymore.”

LifeSound Therapy is an individualised rejuvenation tool which promotes health and well-being by utilising the Bioinformation contained in the hologram-like imprint of a baby photograph. The therapy is the result of an advanced technological system which gathers the information of your original, personal genetic profile from an early baby or childhood photograph. It is important that this photograph is of a healthy and happy child.

It is because the LifeSound audio files are a Bioinformational representation of the sounds of your earliest state of health and vitality, that this sound stimulates cellular rejuvenation when listened to.

The retained photograph-imprinted Bioinformation - understood to be like a hologram of quantum field information - was captured at the time the picture was taken. Therefore, a baby photograph is an important record of a person's earliest, most youthful and vital state of health.

Central to being able to make use of baby photograph-imprinted Bioinformation, is the technology employed to access it, and then convert it into useful, therapeutic sound and audio-visual formats.

In the case of a person who was born with a congenital disorder or who had birth trauma, the information from the DNA hologram from a photograph of an unaffected, healthy family member is utilised with excellent, and often dramatic, results.

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Non-family members will suffer no ill effects from listening to your personal sound files. However, while people outside of your family may gain some benefit from your sound files, they will not be optimally affected. The ideal is for each person - each member of the family - to have their own personalised sound files to listen to

In the case of a baby ailment, such as lactose intolerance, the pathology of that ailment will only last for 3 - 5 hours in the sound therapy, before it disappears. Minor babyhood ailments that were present at the time of the photograph are, therefore, of little consequence. The sound therapy is beneficial for babies, children and adults alike.

Rejuvenation by means of the LifeSound programmes occurs due to the specific design of the sound and audio-visual files.

 Along with the digitalised sound files of the Bioinformation that was lifted from your baby photograph, an audio-visual file that is based upon the Universal Laws of Beauty and Harmony, is available. This is an important support file that enhances rejuvenation.

It is because the LifeSound audio files are a Bioinformational representation of your earliest state of health and vitality, that this sound stimulates cellular rejuvenation when listened to.

Regular, daily exposure to the frequencies of the digitalised sound (personal and -Mix files) and the audio-visual Bioinformation files stimulates a constant and lasting impact on the water of your body, due to the well-researched memory-holding property of water.

Your cells recognise their own frequencies as their earliest state of health and vitality. All living organisms naturally seek higher states of order and will automatically begin to rebalance themselves accordingly, when regularly exposed to these frequencies. The newly stimulated cells of the body replicate with the refreshed memory of their earlier youth and vitality, rather than with the aged programmes they had become accustomed to over time. The rejuvenation processes, and results, occur in a manner that is unique to each individual, guided by the innate intelligence of the body.

As the body recovers itself to its earliest cellular memories of health and vitality, it becomes naturally more energised. This cellular energy stimulates more balanced function of all the organs and systems, supporting the body to resolve its various issues and ailments.

Typical results are reported to include the following:
• Aches and general ailments - resolution.
Addictions - support (ideal for post-therapy maintenance).
• Ageing symptoms - resolved.
Anxiety - reduced.
• Appetite balanced weight and normalised.
• Auto-immune disorders - reduction in symptoms.
• Baldness - new hair growth.
• Bladder Infection - resolved.
• Chest infection - resolved.
• Concentration - enhanced.
• Congenital disorders - supports health and improved function.
• Depression - relieved.
• DNA adducts (predictors for cancer and/or auto-immune disorders) - removed.
• Energy and vitality - enhanced.
• Exhaustion - relieved.
• Eyesight - improved.
• Fear-based responses - reduced.
• Focus - enhanced.
• General health - overall improvement.
• Grey hair - colour restored.
• Habits - new healthy habit support.
• Hearing - improved.
• Joy, peace and well-being - enhanced.
• Libido - improved.
• Live cell and stem cell therapies - enhanced and maintained.
• Memory - improved.
• Mental stability - improved.
• Muscle spasm - relaxation of chronic and acute, including if related to birth trauma.
• Pain - reduction and relief.
• Relaxation - deep and lasting.
• Skin texture - improved, and a fresher appearance.
• Sleep - improved, and more restful sleep.
• Stress - reduced.
• Therapy - enhances all other therapies and healing modalities.

Regular exposure to the LifeSound Bioinformation, which is the sound of your own most healthy and vital state, begins the development of a progressively greater sense of well-being. It is these sounds that support the cellular rejuvenation that stimulates the resolution of ailments and age-related disorders.














All members of your family will benefit from listening to or viewing your personal LifeSound files. People who are not genetically related to you will also benefit, but to a lesser degree than your biological relatives.

The LifeSounds files are safe for all members of the family, no matter what their age or state of health

Play your LifeSound files 2-3 times daily for the first week. Thereafter, continue in this way, or play the files continuously while you sleep. The audio-visual files support the rejuvenation process.

The best results are achieved from playing the LifeSound files continuously while you sleep, because you are completely relaxed, and the unconscious aspects of the self easily receive these sounds. Play the CD at a low volume, setting it at the level you feel is most comfortable.

The sounds on your LifeSound CD and DVD are best described as white noise. While this may initially seem to be strange sounds or noise, the files sound are perceived in this manner because they are recordings of what is the equivalent of thousands of different files being played simultaneously.

The LifeSound information is ultra-dense Bioinformation, and it cannot be decrypted by the conscious mind. It is, however, well received and decoded by the unconscious mind. It is at the unconscious level of the physical system that the processes of rejuvenation are stimulated.

The LifeSound therapy files are designed to be utilised over and over again by the owner of the baby photograph used to create the files, as well as by family members. The LifeSound Therapy files retain their integrity and "strength" no matter how often they are used.

The LifeSound rejuvenation technology system was developed after decades of research by physicists and doctors of biological sciences who questioned the nature of DNA and the structures of matter.

As a therapy which is the expression of the musical patterns that are reflected in our DNA, LifeSound is a practical rejuvenation system that is based on the underlying physics of DNA, the fractal nature of matter, torsion field physics (spin field physics), and the use of wide spectrum magnetic information.

The LifeSound technology processes are designed to capture the quantum field Bioinformation imprinted in photographs. This quantum field Bioinformation is disturbed into a reverse-spin state by proprietary laser technology, after which it is converted into sound files by purpose-built computer software. This manner of developing the LifeSound programmes, is the result of technical developments which are based upon some of the fundamental concepts of quantum physics.

For further information it is worthwhile exploring how the technical developments, which underlie the LifeSound technology, follow on from the theoretical information developed by renowned scientists, notably David Bohm and Simon Berkovitch. Further information about this may be found on the following website:

Use of the use of any of the LifeSound programmes is not recommended as a replacement for professional medical care. The LifeSound programmes are intended for use as a rejuvenation therapy. As such they support accepted or professional medical care, medicines and treatments.

Although LifeTech Systems, a division of Phoenix Natural Health (Pty) Ltd, products are highly effective in helping the body to rejuvenate and rebalance itself both physically and emotionally, thereby encouraging and assisting it to re-establish and maintain maximum health and healing through alternative, complementary means, they might not provide sufficient intervention for some health related issues or concerns. All of our products manufactured and/or supplied by Phoenix Natural Health are not pharmaceutical medicines or medical cures. These products may assist the body to accelerate healing and improve its natural functions of metabolism, regeneration and balance, so please work closely with your physician or professional healthcare practitioner in order to monitor your need for prescription medications, which may change or fluctuate as the body balances itself. Information contained in the material provided, whether it be by means of CDs, DVDs, USB Drives, brochures, pamphlets or flyers, email, or on the website/s, is not given by, or intended to be a substitute or be a replacement for, qualified medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Neither the owner(s), developer(s), maintainer(s) of the literature or the website, nor the company, company employees, agents or directors are engaged in rendering professional or medical advice, nor do they make medical claims or otherwise for the treatment, prevention, cure or mitigation of disease. The various LifeTech Systems and Phoenix Natural Health products are variously classed supportive sound therapies, complementary nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies or cosmetics. Please take full responsibility for your own health!




Author - Bridget Hall

Published - 2013-12-01